Tuned, a Facebook app for couples only
Tuned, a Facebook app for couples only

Tuned is a new application created by Facebook with a very specific approach, a kind of social network or diary for couples, where only the two members of the relationship will be able to see and upload content.

The idea of ​​Tuned is quite peculiar, instead of sending a WhatsApp message or calling our partner, from the app we will share daily details, photos together, songs, our mood and text or voice notes.

In addition, the content creates a private timeline, which becomes a kind of "couple's diary", to which we can add stickers or reactions. If with Facebook Dating the company seeks to attract singles, now it focuses on those who are in a dating or married relationship.

Tuned is especially designed for couples who are far away, although nothing prevents us from using it even if we have frequent contact. Of course, all content is strictly private, and the account is created using the phone number, not through Facebook.

The limitations come from another side: for the moment, Tuned is only available for iOS, without an Android version. Also, right now Facebook only allows you to use it in the United States and Canada.

Therefore, it is clear that Tuned is an experiment, and depending on the reception it will be offered globally. In fact, Facebook has limited itself to uploading the application to the App Store, without an official announcement to promote it.

Tuned, a Facebook app for couples only
Tuned, a Facebook app for couples only

Although the potential of Tuned is limited, since not all couples will want to keep this type of digital diary, it could generate quite a lot of loy alty in those who use it, and serve as a kind of photo album where to centralize the memories of the relationship.

The colorful design, stickers and general concept seem to be geared more towards young couples, although one can imagine that Facebook will add new ones options and will expand your possibilities if Tuned works well.

In any case, it could also become a failed experiment, which ends up in oblivion. For example, Lasso is the alternative to Facebook's TikTok, which after almost a year and a half is still limited to the US and without gaining popularity.

In any case, it would be positive to enjoy Tuned in Spain at some point, although for now there is no estimated availability date and, looking at the precedents, it could take a long time to arrive.

What do you think of Tuned? Do you find an app like a couple's diary interesting?

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