Adylkuzz, the new WannaCry
Adylkuzz, the new WannaCry

As if the famous WannaCry hadn't been enough, we have a new threat that promises to make war very soon. It's about Adylkuzz, the new WannaCry that works similarly but is much more intelligent.

WannaCry has given several Spanish and international institutions real headaches, blocking computers and asking for a financial rescue in exchange for being able to recover again all files.

Although it had its peak, a user managed to stop it through a somewhat rudimentary but effective procedure. That "hero" who is how he has been described by many people, alerted precisely that WannaCry could be the beginning of something more important.

And it seems that it will be because Adylkuzz has just been discovered, which could be described as an improved WannaCry andmore intelligent , enough to worry enough about what it may cause according to Alfonso Franco, CEO of All4sec.

Adylkuzz is very smart because in addition to also blocking computers by asking for money to be able to use them again, it also blocks other viruses from infecting computers in advance, that is,contaminates the network to prevent other viruses from infecting computers before Adylkuzz does.

Adylkuzz, the new WannaCry
Adylkuzz, the new WannaCry

An interesting move that shows the ability of viruses to improve and cause even more damage like WannaCry. And it is that as we already commented, WannaCry seems that it was only a "test" to prove the impact that it could cause and that, as we have seen, it has been quite a lot thanks to a Windows vulnerability that Microsoft had already patched before it appeared but that nevertheless It affected thousands of computers around the world for not installing the corresponding updates when they are available.

We will finally see what will end up happening but the truth is that Adylkuzz that some already call him the “new WannaCry ” it seems that it will give us a lot to talk about soon and we will learn about cases.

Did you know about Adylkuzz? Did you know that it can be more dangerous than WannaCry?

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