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Instagram surpasses 500 million users
Instagram surpasses 500 million users

The popular photography social network is growing at a very good pace. Today we know that Instagram has exceeded 500 million users, a figure that shows that it generates a lot of interest among Internet users. And that recently Instagram changed its design, and it was highly criticized for it. But it does not seem to have lost audiences due to this decision.

Of those 500 million users, 300 million access the app daily. Of course, it represents an impressive amount. When Facebook bought Instagram, little did it imagine that this service would become so popular. Also, 80% of Instagram users are from outside the United States, so success has gone global.

The truth is that, at first, it seemed that Instagram was a niche app. But it has become fashionable, and has become synonymous with modernity and style. Everyone wants to be on Instagram, both Internet users and brands In any case, we must not forget that Instagram has less than a third of the users of Facebook.

Instagram surpasses 500 million users
Instagram surpasses 500 million users

Instagram proposes changes

Instagram knows that it should not stop improving, that it is key to continue growing. Aside from the redesign we mentioned, there's been a while more emphasis on video versus photos. In addition, the company has decided to change the order of the timeline, with the aim that the most relevant content appears first.

Today Instagram passes 500 million users, but this social network is far from its ceiling. As long as it stays in style, it will continue to grow. For now, everything suggests that its immediate future is to continue gaining new members.

What do you think of this news? Are you one of the 500 million Instagram fans, or are you not convinced by this app?

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