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Why shouldn't smartphones have a microSD card?
Why shouldn't smartphones have a microSD card?

Smartphones have vastly expanded their data storage capacity from a few years ago to today, evolving along with USB flash drives and converging on mobile memory cards. The progress of flash memories is so great that many manufacturers choose not to insert external cards into their terminals, which makes us wonder why smartphones should not carry microSD card.

MicroSD cards are an easy and convenient way to expand the internal memory in terminals, which lowers production costs and sales, something that today can be the success or failure of a smartphone.

MicroSD cards in smartphones, yes or no?

MicroSD cards in smartphones allow users to quickly expand the memory of our terminals, although not all are advantages.

Some manufacturers like Apple on their iPhones or Google on their Nexus have not included a slot to insert a microSD card in their flagship terminals, which raises a great debate about whether or not they are necessary.

Without a doubt Apple has not included any type of expansion slot in its iPhones to to avoid piracy as much as possible, maintain the filter of the data that we store in our terminals through iTunes and favor iCloud, its cloud service.

Why shouldn't smartphones have a microSD card?
Why shouldn't smartphones have a microSD card?

But with Google we don't have such an obvious reason. Perhaps the search engine giant from Mountain View has tried to make the production of the Nexus as cheap as possible and for this reason it has not equipped them with microSD, although the Nexus 6 has broken that essence. We can only think that Google wants to focus on the cloud and avoid physical storage

With the advancement of technology, the gap that separates advocates of microSD cards from those who prefer to store all their data in the cloud is widening.

I prefer to use the cloud than an external card, and you?

MicroSD cards have various defects. The first of these is that if they are damaged for any reason, we will have lost all the data without the possibility of total recovery, which we already know that some specialized companies offer a service partial data recovery.

Another compelling reason not to use microSD cards is that they are highly insecureIf we don't encrypt our memories, anyone could quickly remove it from our smartphone, even with the terminal turned off, locked or broken. There is no need to explain what anyone who had access to it would have access to via the microSD card, which makes us see the impact that losing it would have.

Why shouldn't smartphones have a microSD card?
Why shouldn't smartphones have a microSD card?

Personally, those are the two key points, which is why I prefer a terminal without a microSD card, added to the fact that manufacturers are increasing the internal storage size every timeThis makes us see that it is unnecessary to have an expansion capacity of 128 GB through an external memory.

Let's face it, 64 GB is an optimal storage capacity, and it is what many manufacturers are including in their terminals. In 64 GB we can save all the photos we want in high quality and the 200 songs that we like the most, of which, of course, we will only listen to 3.

And if our external memory is about to run out, we can always store our data in the cloud and delete unnecessary data from our device.

Is the cloud a viable solution to microSD cards?

It is certainly a great solution, especially in the long term. It is true that it is possible that our files could be leaked due to an attack, and that our data would be exposed to the public, but it is very unlikely and companies like Google or Apple are putting more effort into improving their security.

Why shouldn't smartphones have a microSD card?
Why shouldn't smartphones have a microSD card?

In addition, in the cloud we have data redundancy, so even if we lose our terminals, we will keep all our information safe. No more losing all contacts or photos when our terminal is stolen or damaged.

For these two reasons and for all that is to come, the cloud is my choice. Everyone will have their preferences and reasons, but it seems that little by little manufacturers are removing external slots and are expanding the internal memory of their terminals.

Do you think these reasons are enough for smartphones not to have a microSD card? Do you prefer the cloud or external cards to save your data? Do not hesitate to leave us your opinions in the comments.

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