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The 2015 Christmas Lottery announcement is here Justino
The 2015 Christmas Lottery announcement is here Justino

From the State Lottery and Gambling YouTube channel, the 2015 Christmas Lottery ad with the hashtag de Justino, which is now official. This is a different video from what we are used to seeing, and one that you will undoubtedly love. It lasts just over 3 minutes and has already had more than 6,000 views. Are you seriously going to miss it?

2015 Christmas Lottery Announcement

Justino is the name of our protagonist of the 2015 Christmas Lottery. An advertisement that, like every year, seeks to reach to those who see it , giving away that illusion that the Lottery transmits to us, and that without a doubt is magnificent and brings tears to our eyes.

You have to see it for many reasons, but above all so that you delve into that illusion that is Christmas, and of course the Christmas Lottery, which seeks to give us every year one more reason why these dates are wonderful, especially surrounded by the people we love.

Our protagonist is Justino, a security guard at a Mannequin Factory, who gets up every night at 10:00 p.m. to keep in order and that everything goes well.

The bad part of his schedule is that Justino is not part of the list of factory employees who bought the Christmas Lottery ticket, since he goes to work at 11:00 p.m. and there is no more activity. If the lottery wins, he won't be awarded

Justino finds out on the way on the bus that the lottery jackpot has played at his Mannequin Factory, he is happy, but at the same time he is sad for not having the tenth ticket, since when he goes he won't there is any activity The surprise comes when he arrives at the factory… if you want to know more, you have to watch the video

If you like it, feel free to share it on social networks under the hashtag Justino, so it reaches all your friends.

What do you think of this emotional ad for the 2015 Christmas Lottery? It's beautiful, but I hope you tell us in the comments if you've seen it and liked it.

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