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WhatsApp, the cause of space problems on iPhone
WhatsApp, the cause of space problems on iPhone

When a program has a bug, it can be a nuisance to its users. If WhatsApp suffers the failure, the issue becomes much more serious, because the application is one of the most popular on all platforms. And now it is being discovered that WhatsApp is the cause of space problems on iPhone, in what seems to be a "bug", a bug in its programming.

A couple of days ago users started complaining on internet forums that their iPhone was running out of space in a strange way. Even deleting content, in a short time a warning message would appear again. No one thought that could be WhatsApp causing the space problem, so users started looking for solutions.

But a netizen advised those who encountered this difficulty to uninstall WhatsApp, and it became clear that just removing this program made iPhone storage work properly againIt was that program that was causing unnecessary space consumption, in what seems like a clear bug.

Now, uninstalling WhatsApp solves the space problem, but it does not guarantee that it won't play again when we download it again. The bug seems to come from this app, so its developers have to correct this issue.

WhatsApp, the cause of space problems on iPhone
WhatsApp, the cause of space problems on iPhone

Updated WhatsApp gives space problems

Although the exact versions of WhatsApp causing the problem have not been identified, it is clear that these are the most recent uploads to the App StoreOf course, it does not seem that the excessive consumption of space affects all users. Just yesterday, WhatsApp was updated to allow document sharing, and nothing indicates that these difficulties with storage have been solved.

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The WhatsApp space problem on iPhone is serious, because we are talking about an application with more than 1,000 million users, and iOS it is an operating system with a very significant market share. Now that WhatsApp drops support for many devices, we expect major releases to bring fewer bugs.

What do you think of this topic? Has WhatsApp caused you storage problems on your iPhone, or have you not been affected by this issue?

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