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The arrival of WiFi to the AVE is delayed
The arrival of WiFi to the AVE is delayed

WiFI should have arrived on the AVE but technical problems with Telefónica are delaying what would be something unique in the world, being able to watch a football game or a movie from our smartphone or tablet while traveling by AVE

The first step will be taken on trains called AVE, with the Seville-Madrid line being the first to obtain this benefit, of which there will be two modalities, one free at low speed and another of better quality payment.

From Telefónica they call for calm due to the delay informing that they are having problems with the connections between the antennas and the trains, but that they are working at a good pace to have it as soon as possible.

Renfe in last position as far as WiFi is concerned

The arrival of WiFi to the AVE is delayed
The arrival of WiFi to the AVE is delayed

It is possible to connect to a WiFi network from a city bus while we make our journey or even from a plane but not from the train more expensive for the user in Spain.

The measure to provide AVE trains with WiFi technology for its customers came with the Telefónica award in October 2015 where established a 10-year contract to provide internet service to customers who decide to travel by AVE.

Not all AVE trains will have an internet connection (whether it is decent or not different) since it is estimated that Renfe and Telefónica want to provide 19 AVE trains. The purpose is to get to more in a prolonged way.

At the moment the problems continue for Telefónica where it has not been able to comply with the time established to give the green light to the first phase of the arrival of WiFi to the AVE.

Do you think Wi-Fi will reach AVE trains before the end of the year? Do you think it should also be added to other lines such as suburban trains?

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