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KB3140768 update fails to install on Windows 10
KB3140768 update fails to install on Windows 10

Microsoft has a very aggressive update policy with Windows 10, through which it tries to keep all its users up to date. However, sometimes things don't go as expected, and now we find out that KB3140768 update fails to install on Windows 10 Unfortunately, we can't say that this surprise us after other similar cases in the past.

KB3140768 is the latest update to Windows 10 1511, that is, it applies to the November version that most users use today. This is a patch released on March 9 that does not add new features, but it is a problem that it fails to install, because fixes bugs and eliminates vulnerabilitiesUnfortunately, users are experiencing difficulties with this plugin.

Since the very release of update KB3140768 complaints began regarding installation failures. After the passing of the hours, the number of those affected has increased. This is not a general problem, but certain people will find that Windows 10 cannot update to catch up.

At this time it is not clear what is causing difficulties installing the KB3140768 update. It is believed that may have to do with the hardware of each computer, because in some it is installed and in others it is not. But, at the moment, the element that causes these errors could not be identified.

KB3140768 update fails to install on Windows 10
KB3140768 update fails to install on Windows 10

KB3140768 on Windows 10, is there a solution?

Although users have not stopped looking for a solution to install KB3140768 in Windows 10, so far they have not found it. Microsoft has not commented on the problem either. If you take a look at what the KB3140768 update brings, you will realize that it is important to be able to enjoy it on our computers.

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So the update KB3140768 fails to install on Windows 10 and if you are one of those affected, you will have to wait to update, since the solution to the problem has not yet been located. Microsoft is having a rough few days after it became known that Windows 10 uninstalls some programs on its own, but it sure manages to fix its issues with updates.

How has KB3140768 affected your Windows 10 computer? Have you been able to update, or have you encountered some kind of error?

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