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Youtubers can also win an Emmy
Youtubers can also win an Emmy

We have already talked here on more than one occasion about the Emmy, specifically how to see them over the Internet, but today we know that These prizes will cover much more. We talked about how youtubers could also win an Emmy.

The Emmys are very important and recognized awards and are opening up to other fields to reward the quality and work of other people who usually do not fall within these awards.

Youtubers will be eligible for an Emmy

Those responsible for organizing the Emmys have finally decided to reward the youtubers most importantand who have carried out important projects.

On the platform there are many types of videos and people, but in reality there are people who are dedicated exclusively to it and do great jobs. Behind them there is a lot of effort and dedication and that is why the organizers of the Emmys have thought of them and have decided to include them in the list of nominees.

Youtubers can also win an Emmy
Youtubers can also win an Emmy

Great artists like PewDiePie or youtubers as influential as these people can be the next winners and collect their award at the next awards gala. We're sure you know many who are doing great things on YouTube and may be on the prestigious list soon.

It certainly seems like a good opportunity and an extraordinary recognition to all those people who work for and for YouTube and who dedicate a lot of hours to videos uploaded to the internet. We will finally see who are the first lucky ones to receive an Emmy.

What do you think about an Emmy award being given to a youtuber soon? Who would you put on the list? Leave us your comment.

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