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Telegram 3.8, new design and many more news
Telegram 3.8, new design and many more news

In its desire to continue improving and offer its users the best functionalities and features, Telegram is updated again with interesting new aspects and improvements. Telegram reaches version 3.8 and has a new design and many more new features.

News from Telegram 3.8

Perhaps the most important news is related to the bots on Telegram, one of the largest that the platform has suffered since last June 2015. Specifically, you can find the following:

  1. New integrated keyboards with callback, new buttons to open URL.
  2. Bots now have the ability to update messages as they appear.
  1. New location bots: These new bots will be able to ask for the location of users.
Telegram 3.8, new design and many more news
Telegram 3.8, new design and many more news
  1. The integrated bots will now also have the ability to send the attached files that Telegram supports and which are those related to music, videos, images, etc.
  2. New bots in test @music, @foursquare, @sticker, @youtube.

As we mentioned before, Telegram is redesigned and you will find a new application interface. Chat windows have been redesigned, colors, progress bars and more have been optimized.

Regarding the stickers you can send the stickers from the pack preview menu, hold it down to see a small thumbnail or press any sticker to see the complete pack and if you like to add it to your collection.

At the moment these are the news on Telegram that this new version brings. If you want you can already install the new update on your Android phone or on your iPhone.

We remind you that at this moment you may not be able to use Telegram since in the last few hours there has been problems on the platform , although it is already being restored.

What do you think of the new version of Telegram that includes all these new features?

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