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Lola Flores, honored in the new Google Doodle
Lola Flores, honored in the new Google Doodle

Lola Flores, one of the icons of Spanish musicand who has gone down in history for her artistic career, receives today a tribute from Google with a new Doodle. As you may have already seen, the Mountain View search engine has changed its main cover, portraying Lola Flores in a new Doodle and reminding us all that today 93 years have passed since his birth.

Google surprises us from time to time with a new Doodle. The Mountain View giant intends with this to liven up our searches and break with the monotony of the same graphical interface, in addition to informing us of events that are important to history. Today the Doodle goes to Lola Flores

New Doodle by Lola Flores: tribute to the inimitable

The great artist has achieved immortality with the new Google Doodle Everything has gone through the cover image of the most popular search engine in the world type of characters that have marked history and today it is the turn of María Dolores Flores Ruiz, better known as Lola Flores.

Lola Flores, honored in the new Google Doodle
Lola Flores, honored in the new Google Doodle

This humble daughter of a waiter and seamstress, learned to sing and dance in a simple childhood and, after having learned with the best and from the best, became a benchmark in Spanish music Google is well aware of the artist's history of self-improvement and work and it is possible that precisely for this reason she has earned a well-deserved Doodle.

After 25 years fighting against breast cancer, the folkloric died in May 1995, after a long career as an artist. Google reminds us that "Today we celebrate the anniversary of the inimitable, the unrepeatable: Lola Flores".

Earning this right is not easy, since there are a good handful of other artists who have also given their lives for music and They have made history, but Google seems to have decided that it deserves this show of affection and the truth is that it has created a fantastic Doodle.

What do you think of the new Lola Flores Doodle created by Google?

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