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MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion
MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion

If we are fans of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 motorcycling competitions, we would probably like to know what the latest installment of the official video game is like. We have been able to test it and below we will show you the review of MotoGP 20.

The video game for lovers of professional motorcycle competitions has arrived. It is a title that goes on sale this April 23, 2020 and is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.

Let's remember that the game is launched the day after the start of the competition, although it is suspended due to the coronavirus. The new edition of the MotoGP video game brings with it some novelties that we will develop in each of the sections.

MotoGP 20, features

Before learning everything about this new title, let's see some of the features it has:

  1. Genre: Motorcycling.
  2. Multiplayer: Yes
  3. Online Multiplayer: Up to 16 players.
  4. Local Multiplayer: Off
  5. Developer: Milestone (Bandai Namco)
  6. Supported platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and PC.

Game modes for all tastes

MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion
MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion

Let's start by learning what game modes this new title offers us.

The Career Mode is similar to what we can find in other sports simulators like FIFA 20. Our The objective is to become the best driver in the competition.

We will start with the aspect of the pilot and we will sign for a team, later and progressively as we obtain more titles we will be able to acquire improvements in the contract of the different teams.

MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion
MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion

It is a way where we can run our own races, but where we will also carry out all the management of the team in order to recruit new technicians and other personnel, on whom our success depends.

In the Historical Mode we can put ourselves in the shoes of great pilots like Marc Márquezand thus adjust the different parameters of the competition motorcycle. We must also take into account the different sponsors that we will obtain.

Regarding the Online Multiplayer, let's remember that to enjoy it on which consoles we must have an active subscription. Within the multiplayer mode we will find different options such as private game, online quick game, race director…

Multiplayer offers a really good experience, since MotoGP 20 has dedicated servers, which makes latency and lag a when it comes to competing they are much lower than what we may be used to in other titles.

There are also Quick Modes which include 3 types of quick games called Grand Prix, Time Trial and Championship.

MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion
MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion

Let's see what the 3 modes of quick games available in MotoGP 20 consist of:

  1. Grand Prix: we can select if we only want to play one race or also the rest that take place in other competitions such as Moto2 or Moto3. Depending on what we choose, the game will last more or less.
  2. Time Trial: Our main objective is to complete the fastest lap we can, in order to improve on the "chrono".
  3. Championship: In this mode we will begin to compete to be the best pilots in the world. It should be noted that, as we progress, we will be visiting the 20 circuits in which the Motorcycle World Championship is usually raced each season.

Many options to configure

MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion
MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion

Part of the excitement and tension of MotoGP 20 lies in the number of aspects that we must take into account in order to get the first position. Fuel consumption or in which parts it is better to improve the bike, among others, are some of the parameters that we have to take into account to achieve the best possible time.

Although the video game has the possibility of adjusting the difficulty that we want to assign to it, in MotoGP 20 even the most basic level offers a considerable challenge if we are new to driving simulators.

We should also mention that the gameplay is completely realistic, since we will be able to see how our opponents (even those controlled by the game) They are leaving the track or they are throwing out the rest of the pilots.

Within MotoGP 20 we have certain driving aids, such as a line that shows the optimal layout, and that through different colors indicate if we should brake in the curve or if we can continue at the current speed.

We would like to comment that MotoGP 20 is equipped with neural technology based on artificial intelligence. This technology is applied in the multiplayer mode to adapt the difficulty of the races between the level of the different players.

Amazing graphics quality

MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion
MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion

Although in our case we have been testing the game on a normal PS4, the graphic quality is really amazing, without missing detail in no situation. In addition, in MotoGP 20 the faces of the star motorcycle riders are implemented in the game.

We were surprised that, at least on PS4, it is possible to switch cameras through the DualShock 4's touch panel, even allowing to play in first personWhat we liked is that we can change the vision at any time in a fast and effective way.

MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion
MotoGP 20: complete analysis with opinion

We were also surprised that no frame drops are observed, but the game runs smoothly at all times.

While it is true that the loading times between the different screens is correct, sometimes we miss some more information in these screens or a greater variety of music, because in the vast majority of cases the same music plays continuously.


Next, we have been able to record a bit of the interface and graphic quality that can be achieved within MotoGP 20 on PlayStation 4:

Key Personalization and Realism

Customization is usually a key section for many users: we would all like to see ourselves in the game and that it can convey the same sensations to us than if we were at 200 kilometers per hour on two wheels.

In the editor to create our own character we can choose many physical traits, so that it resembles us as much as possible. Although we miss more variety in the different haircuts, among other physical aspects that would allow us to create more similarities with our appearance in real life.

The new installment developed by Milestone has some new features that make us have to take great care of the motorcycle and take the season's grand prix seriously. This is because the speed and appearance will vary depending on how damaged the motorcycle is at any given time.

Another detail, which is customizable and greatly influences driving, is the temperature of the place where the circuit is located and the different weather conditions that may affect asph alt, since we will choose one type of tire or another depending on these circumstances.

In addition, in MotoGP 20 it is possible to select how much gasoline we want to start the race with, an extremely important point in the strategy. In our tests there is a big difference when we go to the race with a 60-70% against a 100% deposit.

It is true that we won't have to stop in the pits until quite a few laps after our rivals, but the bike will weigh more and it will be difficult for us to catch up with the rest of the riders. The track rules can be more or less strict depending on what we want to configure.

Just like in real life, we can know the track situation at all times. We are informed of this through the different flags in the upper right, where we will also be shown information such as the position in which we are going.

MotoGP 20, the game for motorcycling lovers

It is possible that we believe that a title like MotoGP 20 can be played with friends without worrying much on a technical level about what happens. Although it is possible to do so, it is not a videogame designed for that purpose, but a simulator that reflects every last detail of the competitions, something that will please the most demanding.

It's a game worth buying if we are passionate about motorcycling and want to take it seriously. As in other sports video games like FIFA, in MotoGP 20 we have modes with which to play in a much more relaxed way and without having to worry about whether or not it will affect the championship standings.

Strengths of MotoGP 20 in our review

  1. Very realistic.
  2. Amazing graphic quality.
  3. Low latency multiplayer.

Weak points of MotoGP 20 in our review

  1. We miss local multiplayer.
  2. High difficulty, even in easy mode, if we don't have experience in driving games.

Our assessment

  1. Gameplay: 9
  2. Single player mode: 9
  3. Multiplayer: 7
  4. Graphic quality: 8
  5. Sound: 7
  6. Overall score: 8

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