Twitter will erase the hoaxes of the coronavirus
Twitter will erase the hoaxes of the coronavirus

Twitter has updated its new rules and from now on also will remove tweets that include hoaxesand misinformation about the coronavirus.

The issue of hoaxes has already exceeded certain limits that should never have been, which is why some companies stand firm against this misinformation practice. The fastest to take action against hoaxes has been WhatsApp, which restricted the forwarding of messages to a single contact.

This fact led him to be publicly tried as part of an alliance with the Government of Spain for censoring information. And it is that the reality is quite different, the decision is only made by WhatsApp due to the huge amount of hoaxes that run through its messaging app, especially hoaxes related to the coronavirus.

Leaving WhatsApp aside, Twitter has also stepped up, adding 4 key points to its rules sheet and usage policyof the application:

Twitter will erase the hoaxes of the coronavirus
Twitter will erase the hoaxes of the coronavirus

So, all content, be it video, text, photos, audio, etc. that goes against official recommendations to deal with the coronavirus, it will be a deleted tweet.

Another important note in this update of the Twitter rules is the fact of impersonation, since many hoaxes are related to this topic, where a supposed doctor from a certain hospital in Spain is giving advice, and so on.

Not only the impersonation of people in audios, but also in information, sales of masks, treatments, recommendations, etc. And WhatsApp knows a lot about this, since certain hoaxes have passed through its app posing as the Ministry of He alth, for example.

We must not forget what for us is, perhaps, the key point of all this: the recommendations to use ineffective or harmful treatments for he althWe warned a few days ago that you have to be very careful with the recommendations of influencers on social networks.

This is why we must only pay attention to official sources such as the WHO, the Ministry of He alth and statements of the Government of Spain.

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