Facebook Gaming: the video game streaming app
Facebook Gaming: the video game streaming app

Twitch is probably the best-known streaming platform in the gaming world. Now Facebook is launching Facebook Gaming to try to compete in the world of live video game broadcasting.

Although there are many platforms on which we can perform live, Twitch is one of the platforms chosen by many creators to share their games live in different video games.

Facebook has been betting on its new streaming platform for some time hiring different "streamers". An example of this is Lolito Fdez, the claim to try to get as many users as possible to use their platform.

Twitch is a very strong rival as it has multiple sponsorships with different creators that add up to hundreds of millions of followers around the world. This is not the first time that a large company has tried to take on Twitch.

The clearest example was YouTube Gaming, a platform that closed its doors in 2019 after 4 years trying to compete with the platform owned by Amazon.

Facebook Gaming is now available on the Google Play Store starting April 15. It should be noted that if we already have a Facebook account, it will not be necessary to register on the platform.

Facebook Gaming: the video game streaming app
Facebook Gaming: the video game streaming app

Facebook Gaming is made up of different sections:

  1. News and publications feed: the first section that appears as soon as you open the app, where we will be shown publications and news related to The World of videogames.
  2. Games: this is a section where we can play different minigames.
  3. Lives: allows you to consult the featured live shows and the different creators who are doing live shows.
  4. Messenger: an access to the Messenger chat through which we can talk with our friends, notify them if there is a direct message from a creator, among others.

Facebook, like Twitch, allows you to make donations. Facebook Gaming uses “Stars” or stars instead of Bits, which is Twitch's virtual currency with which we can support creators through donations.

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