Telegram will add video calls
Telegram will add video calls

Telegram celebrates 400 million monthly users and incidentally announces that is already working on video calls, a functionality that surprisingly did not yet have, although it is not the only one since the new version brings some new features as always happens.

The messaging application has always been known for being better than WhatsApp in different aspects, although the truth is that video calls still resist it, something that has been present in WhatsApp for a long time and whose limit of participants has just been extended.

In any case, they are already working on them and sooner rather than later users will be able to make video calls through Telegram. In the meantime, the the application has been updated with some pretty cool news.

The most outstanding is the new search engine of the more than 20,000 stickers that it offers, so that the new directory is now more navigable and it will be easier to search for a specific sticker, that is, you can search for them by lists or if you prefer, perform a manual search.

That doesn't stop there, other options already present such as improved surveys, specifically being able to add explanations that can be viewed by users users when they respond to the questions posed in said questionnaire.

In this way, the ability is offered to users to know what was wrong in case of answering wrong or simply offers a little more information regarding the question raised and why it was asked. answer is what it is and it is not a different one.

Another novelty regarding the quizzes created using @QuizBot is the new animated timer that shows a countdown of a few seconds, which which can be very interesting to respond more quickly to a question posed in the questionnaire.

Telegram will add video calls
Telegram will add video calls

We have already talked about the most important functionalities, now we are going with some minor improvements and new features that Telegram:

  1. Improvement of the attachments menu: in the Telegram Android application, now this menu is more elegant and comfortable to use already that everything is better arranged.
  2. App for MacOS: Possibility to access shared media from a user profile page, also adds a new sidebar with more accessible options.
  3. New animated emoji: You can now send the animated dartboard emoji in any chat.

The update of Telegram with these improvements and new features is now available on Google Play and the App Store, although for video calls it is still available You have to wait a bit and we may already have them officially in the next version of the application.

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