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Can you make video calls on Telegram?
Can you make video calls on Telegram?

Telegram is one of the best-known instant messaging applications along with WhatsApp. You can chat with your contacts and even call them, but below we are going to clarify whether or not you can also make video calls through Telegram.

The truth is that this app offers multiple functionalities and many prefer it over WhatsApp, because it is also more secure and has a design very similar. It is not perfect and one of its great absences is precisely the video call function.

Yes, you should know that you cannot make video calls on Telegram, only voice calls, something quite surprising given the use it is having now, which forces users to look for other alternatives, as in this it could almost be WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, etc.

For unknown reasons, Telegram still does not have video calls, but there is no need to worry because the company recently announced that will add them soon in the launch of the new version of the app, although there is no date yet.

There are no details of what it will be like or how many participants can be in it at the same time, probably the limit is 4 or 8, this last number is the same number that WhatsApp is working on right now since the current limit is 4.

Can you make video calls on Telegram?
Can you make video calls on Telegram?

It doesn't hurt to say that Telegram video calls will use data from the rate, so it's probably better to make them over WiFi and that the best quality ones are the ones that are through a good WiFi connection, so they will be heard and seen perfectly without any kind of problem.

With all this in mind, Telegram video calls shouldn't take long to appear, probably already the next version or the next one already have them, although it is still early to venture dates because they are still working on them.

Now would be the ideal time because video calls are on the rise due to the confinement that you must make at home, this being the only method that allows us to have closer contactwith our family, friends or any other person.

Video call apps you can use

While video calls arrive on Telegram, what you can do is use other applications that do allow them and, of course, in a free. We leave you some options below:

  1. WhatsApp: maximum of 4 participants, soon up to 8 people will be able to participate.
  2. Zoom: The free plan offers the possibility for up to 100 people to participate, although video calls of up to 40 minutes can only be established.
  3. Jitsi Meet: Offers a maximum of 200 people on the video call.
  4. Skype: Up to 50 participants in a group video call.
  5. Microsoft Teams: This tool, which would be the equivalent of Skype for companies, allows you to run video calls with up to 80 participants.
  6. Google Hangouts: The Google application has a lower limit compared to the other options, specifically up to 25 people for free.
  7. Google Duo: The current limit offered by this free application for video calls is 12 people, a figure that was increased just recently one month.
  8. Discord: Although it is an app more focused on gamers, its video call functionality supports a total of 50 users as a maximum limit.

You also have Meet, which is a more professional tool that pays to use It is available for users who have a subscription in G Suite and offers several payment plans, the most basic has a maximum quota of 100 users in video calls.

Practically all of the above applications have a mobile version through their respective apps, although some also have a website. By the way, if you have an iPhone you also have FaceTime, which offers a maximum limit of 32 people on video calls.

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