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Lowi gives away 10GB again for confinement
Lowi gives away 10GB again for confinement

The vast majority of the population is confined at home due to the coronavirus. Now Lowi is once again giving away 10 GB of data until May 31.

There are many operators who have done their part to make quarantine more enjoyable for their customers. Now, Lowi once again gives away a 10 GB bonus to its customers that would automatically be added to our already contracted rate.

It should be noted that this new 10 GB voucher will be available until May 31 The main quality of this new 10 GB voucher GB of data is the possibility of sharing it with other Lowi customers through the company's app “My Lowi”

Lowi gives away 10GB again for confinement
Lowi gives away 10GB again for confinement

If we see that May 31 is approaching and we have too much data, we can share it with whoever we want. On the other hand, Lowi has the following payment bonuses for both data and voice calls.

Payment bonuses available

If by any chance we consume our rate in addition to the additional 10 GB of data, we can contract the following bonuses:

  1. 400 MB: 1 euro.
  2. 2 GB: 3 euros.
  3. 5 GB: 5 euros.
  4. 150 minutes: 2 euros.

As we can see, the bonuses that Lowi offers us correspond to quite cheap prices All these bonuses are cumulative for following months and also the we may share with other users who are Lowi customers. In this way, Lowi joins other companies such as Simyo that also offered different data bonuses completely free of charge.

Let's remember that larger operators such as Vodafone, which has increased the television offer to its customers, or Movistar, which has made Movistar+ Lite available to users completely free of charge, are other gestures they have made in recent weeks the different operators.

Although the end of the confinement date is getting closer, in this case Lowi, gives us an additional 10 GB so we don't run out of datato be able to continue enjoying social networks, streaming video platforms, among others.

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