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Spotify could limit Free users
Spotify could limit Free users

Some time ago we read rumors that Spotify could put aside free subscriptions, and the fault would be the new Apple Music service, which does not want competition. Although Apple was cleared of having conspired to achieve this, now we have some news: Spotify could limit users to Free, although it would not remove free subscriptions, only modify them. Not the worst possible news, but not good either.

Record labels seem to believe that the current ad-supported free model devalues ​​music and generates less revenue than paid platforms like Tidal or Apple Music. So they are putting pressure on Spotify to get more paying users. The strategy is that we feel that we are missing something by not subscribing, not just that we suffer ads, something to which almost all of us have become accustomed.

Spotify could limit Free users
Spotify could limit Free users

How Spotify is going to get paid subscriptions

For now it is not clear what limitations will apply, and we can expect anything, because Spotify already imposed conditions in the past very severe. In this case it seems that the idea is that certain content is not easily accessible to non-paying subscribers. A technique that can become very effective!

For example, it has been speculated that certain very popular discs would be reserved for premium users. Or that you can only listen to certain records a certain number of times or timeIt is even rumored that you could enjoy a preview of the most popular music, as a trial, to convince us to pay the monthly fee later.

So it looks like Spotify could limit Free users, which is really annoying, but seems inevitable in the long run The truth is that enjoying unlimited, legal and free music was too good an offer, so it seems that this will be in the past in a few months, probably when 2016 begins.

What do you think about the topic? Are you worried about Spotify limiting Free users, or do you think this is a logical move?

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