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Prisma already shows the photos of nearby users
Prisma already shows the photos of nearby users

Prisma has just launched an update to be able to find images of people who are around us or to be able to know exactly where they have been obtained a series of photographs taken with the application.

This new update is available for both Android and iOS devices where they also offer us a series of improvements in the application.

The maps where the images represent us also gives us the possibility to make comments or "Like" in an interactive scenario.

News in Prisma for iOS and Android

Prisma already shows the photos of nearby users
Prisma already shows the photos of nearby users

The main novelty stands out in the situations of the images obtained, we can go to any location on the map to see what images have been taken at a specific point, in addition to being able to assess it.

The more interaction an image uploaded to Prisma receives, the more social repercussion it will have and we will climb to the highest positions for greater diffusion, with this will give you an advantage over the next uploaded images.

Now it is possible to have a different proportion in each photograph we take, thanks to the editing tool that Prisma incorporates, we have the option to crop the images without having to leave the application and resort to third parties.

The image resolution can now reach a maximum of 2,300 pixels instead of the previously adopted 1,080 x 1,080 image type, something that is nice to finally get out of those square images.

The idea is very similar to Periscope as far as the map is concerned, something that was very useful at the time when we wanted to know what was broadcasting anywhere in the world Prisma has succeeded and now earns one more point to make it more attractive to the user.

Have you tried Prisma? What do you think of the new improvements? Would you add anything else to the application?

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