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Pepephone will offer Wi-Fi in Uber cars
Pepephone will offer Wi-Fi in Uber cars

We all like free Wi-Fi, right? And it would be great if he was present on public transport. Luckily, now Pepephone will offer Wi-Fi in Uber cars as part of a pilot program in Spain. It will not yet be included in all vehicles, but it is expected that the benefit will reach a good part of the current fleet.

Of course, this can only be enjoyed by Madrid users, since for now Uber has only been established in the capital. What Pepephone will do to provide Wi-Fi will be to equip cars with a 4G module that connects to its network. It is expected that it can maintain speeds between 30 megabytes and 100 megabytes in mobility.

In addition, the connection process is extremely simple. In the vehicle we will detect a Wi-Fi network with the name "Uber". We must use the password "Pepephone" to access, and we will be able to start browsing free of charge Of course, a trip in this on-demand taxi system is not usually too long, but at least we will do it with maximum comfort.

We must not forget that when we use the Uber app to request a trip in Madrid, an UberX car arrives. This means that the vehicle is usually upper-middle range and, furthermore, a professional driver is the one who drives it.

Pepephone will offer Wi-Fi in Uber cars
Pepephone will offer Wi-Fi in Uber cars

Uber returns to Spain

Uber's premise revolves around the fact that anyone can pick up passengers and work as a taxi driver thanks to its app. Unfortunately, the sector's employers denounced the system, and Uber closed at the end of 2014 by court order. However, only a few days ago Uber returned to Spain under the UberX professional driver formula, and he hopes to be able to keep his business open in Madrid and expand it to more cities.

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So Pepephone will offer Wi-Fi in Uber cars If you are interested in this new personal taxi system, check out your current rates. The truth is that it represents an alternative to keep in mind, which can completely change our way of moving around the city.

What do you think that Uber has partnered with Pepephone to offer Wi-Fi? Do you think it is necessary on journeys that usually do not exceed 20 minutes?

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