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Giant emojis come to WhatsApp
Giant emojis come to WhatsApp

Not long ago we announced, among other news, the arrival of the biggest emojis to the WhatsApp application and it seems that it is already becoming a reality. Giant emojis are coming to WhatsApp for iOS.

At the moment it seems that only WhatsApp for iOS can use these giant smileys, which means thatAndroid users still have to wait for a WhatsApp beta update to be included as a new feature.

Giant Emoji if only one is sent

The version of WhatsApp that is already enjoying this new feature is WhatsApp 2.16.7 for iOS, the latest official version for that mobile operating system. The way these larger than normal emojis work is quite simple.

What we know is that only one giant emoji will be displayed if you send any contact just one, that is, if you send the same emoticon more than once will not look bigger since two giant emojis in a row would not look very good.

Giant emojis come to WhatsApp
Giant emojis come to WhatsApp

Every time you want to send this type of emoji, just write one unit and no more, that way the user who has that version of WhatsApp can receive it and see it with the same size in which it was sent. has sent.

At the moment it is the only of the novelties that WhatsApp has implemented, we will have to wait for the next few days in case WhatsApp for Android also implement it and add some new features that are yet to come.

If you have an iPhone, update your WhatsApp to the latest version which should be WhatsApp 2.16.7 and which is the one that already has support for giant emojis within conversations.

What do you think of the giant WhatsApp emojis?

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