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Old iPhones are slow with iOS 9.0.1, yours?
Old iPhones are slow with iOS 9.0.1, yours?

Apple is having a lot of hiccups with iOS 9, from the "Swipe to update" problem to slowness and lack of memory in newer terminals, but now the dilemma reaches the older versions of apple smartphones and due to the complaints of many users, who affirm that their iPhones are slow with iOS 9.0.1.

We've already told you how to fix the Swipe to Refresh issue and it seems to have been fixed in this latest update, but this Once the protest comes with the new update 9.0.1 to older iPhones.

Do not update to iOS 9.0.1 if you have one of these iPhones

To update or not to update, that is the question. If you have an old iPhone e it is possible that enjoying the latest Cupertino operating system is a mistake, so it would be interesting for you to consider whether or not it compensates you.

Thousands of users of the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, which by the way are the versions compatible with iOS 9 in addition to the iPhone 6, are experiencing slowness problems in their terminals, which on the one hand is something very common.

We are not going to assess whether it is a bad idea or not to update, each one will reflect on the pros and cons of installing iOS 9.0.1 on their terminals or not, but what is certain is that the performance of these three versions decreases.

The new operating system is designed to magnify the iPhone 6s (the iPhone 6 also performs well), but older versions, either because have a less powerful processor or Due to less RAM, they don't work as smoothly as with iOS 8.4.1.

Old iPhones are slow with iOS 9.0.1, yours?
Old iPhones are slow with iOS 9.0.1, yours?

We can't ask the elm for pears. Functioning works, but fast… it's another matter, so we would have to consider whether to update or not However, as much as we say we will always want to have the latest news, so it is best to raise awareness by watching a video of each of the terminals with iOS 9.0.1.

Here goes one of the iPhone 4S, comparing iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 9.0.1

Other from iPhone 5 with iOS 8.4.1 vs iOS 9.0.1:

And finally a comparison between iOS 8.4.1 and iOS 9.0.1 on the iPhone 5S:

Now, after having seen a real performance test, you can judge for yourself whether or not it is worth upgrading, the truth is that since the iPhone 6 Plus that we have tested iOS 9.0.1 runs very well and boots fast, not like its younger brothers.

How about iOS 9.0.1 being slow on older iPhones? Do you think Apple should improve performance on older versions or focus only on the last two generations?

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