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How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram
How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram

Sometimes we can find ourselves with the unpleasant surprise that we have been blocked on Telegram, although it is not always easy to find out that the other person has done this, for which it is convenient to look at certain details that allow us to suspect that this has occurred.

At a certain moment, one or some of our contacts can block us and then unblock us, a reversible process without a limit of times that It can be done, so you can't even find out if you don't talk much to those people.

Just like they block you, you can also block all the people you want on Telegram and the first thing implies that you don't they will see your profile photo, your online status, they will not be able to send you messages or anything like that. When you decide, you can also easily undo that action.

Let's go ahead with those aspects that allow you to recognize if any of your contacts that use Telegram have been able to block you, in this way you can suspect that this is indeed the case due to certain details that would confirm it.

No specific connection time

How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram
How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram

Although it is true that you can hide the last connection time in Telegram, there is a detail that you should not miss about this small parameter, and that is that if the inscription appears “last time a long time ago” most likely that contact has blocked you.

That is, does not display a specific date of the type “4 hours ago” or “3 days ago”, but if it appears Specifically, the previous sentence can mean that they have effectively blocked you, or it is also equivalent to that they have not blocked you, but that person has not been connected for a long time. That is why it is not an entirely effective method.

The double check does not appear

Another element that can make you suspect that your Telegram contact may have blocked you is the double check, check if the double check appears or not in TelegramWhen we send a message, only one appears, but when both appear, it has arrived and has been read.

Therefore, we can deduce that, if only one appears and it stays that way for a long time, possibly that person has permanently blocked you, although this detail alone would not allow us to determine if there is a real block or not. No.

The usual photo does not appear

How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram
How to know if you have been blocked on Telegram

Another detail that can make us suspect that someone has blocked us on Telegram is the profile photo of that contact If you normally saw a photo normal that changed periodically and now nothing appears or just the initial of his name, is a good indication.

Check if that new avatar without a photo is maintained over time, if so and it doesn't change in a long time, it could mean that person has possibly blocked you, although as an individual element,It is also not a foolproof method of detecting a crash

That is, the user can decide whether or not to put a photo on their Telegram profile, and you can also chat in both ways, hence it is not a sign that invites us to think that they already doesn't want to chat with us anymore.

Check WhatsApp and social networks

If that contact you suspect has WhatsApp, see if you can talk to him or not, if you can't, you're probably right and he has blocked you on Telegram too. Through Facebook it is also possible to check if you have been easily blocked, which means that they do not want to have any contact anywhere.

To find out if we have really been blocked on Telegram we would have to give a combination of two or more aspects of which we have commented, if there are all 4, the probabilities are very high, and there is no other choice but to analyze these signals.

This is so because right now there is no 100% sure chance of knowing if we have been blocked, since Telegram, as it happens on WhatsApp and on social networks, it does not notify us through a notification that someone no longer wants to have contact with us.

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