XCloud Preview in Spain: streaming Xbox games
XCloud Preview in Spain: streaming Xbox games

The game in the cloud of xCloud is getting closer and closer. Now it is possible to register in Spain if we want to try the future platform of Xbox streaming games free of charge, which is still in beta, but is becoming more and more mature.

A total of 11 European countries become part of xCloud Preview, and while not all users who request access will get it, it's worth a try. The catalog includes some of the best Xbox One titles, which can be enjoyed on Android devicesfree.

Since a few months it has been possible to play Xbox on mobile via Console Streaming, but in the case of xCloud you don't need a console. Everything is processed on Microsoft servers, which send the graphics to the device.

The first countries to receive invitations will be Germany, France and the Netherlands, while users in Spain will begin to distribute the week of May 4, 2020It is to be imagined that Microsoft will be generous in the number of invitations to promote the service, although for now it cannot be confirmed.

Regarding the requirements to play on xCloud, they are not too demanding:

  1. Mobile or tablet with Android 6 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.
  2. Xbox One Bluetooth Controller.
  3. WiFi in the 5 GHz band or mobile connection.
  4. Download speed of 10 Mbps or higher.
xCloud Preview in Spain: streaming Xbox games
xCloud Preview in Spain: streaming Xbox games

While it's not mandatory, Microsoft advises purchasing an adapter that grips your phone over the controller, which will help make gaming more comfortable.

At the moment the iPhone and iPad are left out of xCloud Preview, possibly because iOS is a more closed platform, although Microsoft already has expressed interest in Apple users.

Of course, video game streaming is focusing on mobile devices, as the company is already preparing the new Xbox Series X as a dedicated console, and it does not seem to be in a hurry to bring xCloud to desktop computers.

Just the opposite of its rivals, as Google Stadia focuses on TVs and PCs, while Nvidia GeForce Now has just taken off with a more PC user base. Of course, these platforms have the advantage of having come out before xCloud.

Microsoft warns that the deployment of xCloud in Spain and the rest of Europe depends on the coronavirus, and that if Internet congestion increases because of the quarantine they will limit it.

In any case, it is worth signing up for Xbox Preview from the Xbox website, because that way we will be able to early access to the streaming platform. It doesn't have a release date yet, which suggests that the free beta will still be around for quite a few months.

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