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Xiaomi Amazfit X: specifications and price
Xiaomi Amazfit X: specifications and price

We already officially have with us the bracelet Xiaomi Amazfit X, that bracelet that the brand showed last year and that the that now we know its specifications and price.

Xiaomi has decided to present it through crowdfunding, that is, a system of financing on Indiegogo, with which we can save up to 54% on its official price. In this way the bracelet is cheaper and we also know all its specifications.

Xiaomi Amazfit X, technical sheet

  1. Dimensions: 22.6 x 13.6 mm.
  2. Resistance: 5 ATM (submersible up to 50 meters).
  3. Display: 2.07-inch Curved AMOLED with a resolution of 206 x 640 pixels and 400 nits of brightness.
  4. Connectivity: Bluetooth, light sensor, GPS, GLONASS.
  5. Ports and sensors: 6-axis gyroscope, heart rate sensor, blood saturation sensor, activity sensor and sleep measurement.
  6. Battery: 7 days autonomy.
  7. Operating system: Amazfit OS (compatible with Android and iOS).
  8. Price: from 149 euros.

Curved screen


What is most striking about the Amazfit X is its curved AMOLED screen (protected by a unibody titanium frame), of 2.07-inch with a resolution of 206 x 640 pixels (326 ppi) and a brightness of 400 nits. Due to its dimensions we are facing a rather long and narrow screen, achieving a curvature of 92 degrees

The brand says that this form of the screen contributes to having more information without having to press the screen at all. This curvature means that it has a curved lithium battery to make the most of space, whose autonomy stands at 7 days depending on the brand.

We don't see any physical button because it doesn't have, but it does have a pressure-sensitive area on the side, which will help us a kind of virtual button.

That offers

The Xiaomi Amazfit X offers us very interesting features such as measuring our heart rate and our levels of oxygen in blood, 24 hours a day without interruption.

It has GPS and GLONASS system which will allow us to know where we have gone to train, what the route has been and how much energy and pace we have had on that tour. In addition, we will not have to worry about if it rains or we go swimming, since it is submersible up to 50 meters

Xiaomi Amazfit X: specifications and price alt=

To make the data more accurate, the Xiaomi Amazfit X has 9 preset training modes such as treadmill, swimming or run among others.

How could it be otherwise, the new Xiaomi bracelet is also capable of monitoring sleep in four stages (light sleep, deep sleep, REM and a second measurement of light sleep), we can set alarms, both to notify us when we have programmed it and when we do not move or if it detects a level of stress or excessive heart rate.

The bracelet also has a he alth system called PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) with which, when measuring our cardiac activity and activity physics, gives us a daily score as an incentive, to improve our own he alth day by day.

From Xiaomi they also promise a good number of watchfaces to exchange the appearance of the bracelet and not have to always wear the same design.

Xiaomi Amazfit X: specifications and price
Xiaomi Amazfit X: specifications and price

Prices and availability

We can choose two types of silicone straps to purchase the Amazfit X, specifically the Eclipse Black (black) and theNew Moon Gold (white).

As for the date on which the bracelet will be available, it is something particular. As it is in the Indiegogo financing system, manufacturing does not begin until the project is financed, something that has already passed more than enough, since of the approximately 18,000 euros that they asked for, they are already above 277,000 euros, at the time of writing this post.

For this reason it is expected that in August of this 2020, all those who buy the bracelet on Indiegogo will be able to receive them. In addition, its normal price will be 329 euros, but by purchasing it through this system, it stays at only 149 euros

What is clear is that this bracelet will draw a lot of attention for its original design, for some good characteristics and right now, above all, for the significant discount that buying it under this financing system means.

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