Instagram will have a sticker to send DM
Instagram will have a sticker to send DM

From Instagram is working on a new sticker for Stories, in this case focused on personal communication, as it will look forencourage private DMs to start a conversation.

Sometimes we need the opinion of other people, we want them to join certain initiatives or, simply, we get bored and we want to chat on Instagram. For all these situations the new sticker will be very useful.

Although still in testing, the text appears to say "DM me", where DM stands for "direct message" ("direct message" in Spanish). It has been Jane Manchun Wong, a Chinese engineer specialized in analyzing applications, who has published on Twitter a preview of what the function will be like.

Instagram recently launched DMs for all PC and Mac users, so it seems to be reinforcing this aspect of the social network.

Actually, the "DM me" sticker serves the same purpose as replying to the Stories in the lower text box, but make it clear that we want you to write to us privately. This is what it would look like:

Instagram will have a sticker to send DM
Instagram will have a sticker to send DM

Regarding the possible translation in Spanish, you could use "Send me a DM" or "Send me a message". It is probably longer than the original, because in Spanish it is not common to transform words like DM into a verb, and it would be strange.

Instagram recently launched a sticker to order food delivery from Stories, and continues to focus on this element, which allows adding a wide variety of content to the social network.

While standard photo and video posts have barely changed, Stories have become the main draw on Instagram, and they just keep getting better. We just have to think about the large number of trendy filters on Instagram that go viral on a regular basis.

In addition, this sticker to encourage people to send us private messages could also work well for advertising One of the ad formats in Stories allow you to send messages to the account being advertised, and with a specialized sticker they could be more successful.

In general, the sticker to send us private messages seems like a good idea, but we must think that it is in development. It doesn't have a release date yet, and Instagram may cancel the project if they feel it's not working as well as they'd like.

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