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10 apps for painting and drawing
10 apps for painting and drawing

To all those people who love to draw, who are very creative and who have an unstoppable artistic vein, they will like this post where we are going to leave you some of the best10 apps for painting and drawing.

With just having a mobile or a tablet you will be able to develop all that inner universe that you like to express so much when you draw, thanks to the apps that we are going to see below.

Autodesk SketchBook


This application is one of the most complete that there is right now for mobile devices. We have a lot of drawing tools, more than 130 brushes, layers, we will be able to transform the drawings, add texts, gradients, shadows and many more faculties that this wonderful program offers us.

Although it may seem otherwise, it is not excessively complicated to learn to use it.

It is an app available for both Android and iOS.

Clip Studio Paint

This app is only available for iOS. It is an application with many possibilities since it allows us to create illustrations, comics or even animations.

Clip Studio Paint is not exactly intuitive, but it allows us many illustration and animation possibilities.


It is an application that imitates a brush with which you can draw and color easily.

It is quite easy to understand how it works, since it will allow us to make very sophisticated drawings in an intuitive and comfortable way. In the simplicity of PaperColor lies its power.

Only Android users can use this app.

Ibis Paint X


Thanks to this application you can draw illustrations and comics in an easy way, using your smartphone and tablet.

The interface is easy to understand and use, as well as having more than 2,500 textures, brushes and functions for drawing comics or cartoons.

A very interesting function is that we can record while we are drawing and then show what the evolution of drawing has been to our friends or family.

It is a compatible app for iOS and Android.

MediBang Paint

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It is a free application with which we will have many options to customize our drawings. We have several types of brushes, nibs, tools and text fonts, as well as the possibility of saving the drawing in the cloud.

It is a fully compatible program with Android and iOS, although the functions will be different if we use it on an iPhone or an iPad.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

It is a free drawing application. It is very easy to use with five brushes, with the possibility of customizing them and even layering the drawing.

As specialists in this type of program, Adobe has achieved an intuitive program with which we can draw easily.

It is compatible for both Android devices and those with iOS inside.

Infinite Painter

It's an app with more than 80 brushes, design and reshaping tools quite advanced like gradients, patterns, filters and even layers.

The only problem with the app is that for 7 days it is free. Then you have to pay 5.99 euros to unlock the app and continue working with it.

It is compatible with Android and iOS.


It's a great app whose strongest point is some complete drawing tools that will allow us to make truly spectacular creations. It is limited in its brushes, layers and editor properties, since to unlock everything you will have to invest 5.49 euros.

Only supports Android.

Super Simple Draw

Its name tells us exactly what this app is trying to do It is a simple, fast and extremely easy tool to paint or put notes. It is an ideal application to explain something specific to someone while we draw on the device's screen, to create an account or for the little ones in the house to give free rein to their creativity.

Compatible with Android and iOS.

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw

An app that will delight the children of the house, since it has more than 24 magic brushes with various effects such as glow, neon and fireworks among others.

You can make spectacular drawings with a lot of color and that by incorporating various effects, that spectacularity is magnified even more.

With all these applications that we have shown you, you will be able to unleash your first "works of art" and the best thing is that you will not have to do it from a computer, since your smartphone or tablet will to serve to make spectacular drawings in the most intuitive and simple ways.

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