Pepephone gives away 5 GB for free again in May
Pepephone gives away 5 GB for free again in May

Pepephone once again shows its solidarity with the situation we are experiencing in Spain, so to make the quarantine more bearable, it will return to give away 5 GB to browse all your lines for the month of May.

We are in full quarantine due to the coronavirus and every day it becomes more uphill, and that we are in the process of de-escalation, but even so, the return to reality is far away. This is why Pepephone has wanted to give another 5 GB to all its customers on all lines, without exception, for this month of May.

In a statement via email, Pepephone, very much in line with what the company has accustomed us to, released some statements indicating the gift of 5 GB to all Pepephone customers of all lines.

The email indicates that this gift, as expected, has no extra charge and that will appear automatically in this Month of May.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say that if we do not see those extra 5 GB free in our Pepephone customer area over the next few days, it would be convenient for us to contact them.

Pepephone gives away 5 GB for free again in May
Pepephone gives away 5 GB for free again in May

An important fact that appears in the statement is that, unlike other companies, Pepephone does allow you to accumulate these extra 5 GBFree gift in the month of May.

This promotion to improve communications between friends and family in full state of alarm, is not affected by other types of promotions and company announcements such as the free extra gigabytes that are added to our rate with each year that we add within Pepephone.

To finish, we want to bring back a scam that has been circulating on the Internet in recent days and that made Pepephone herself came to the fore to clarify the situation due to the damage it was causing to hundreds of the company's customers.

In this scam, or attempt at unfair competition, affected users receive calls from operators posing as Pepephone and commenting on their intentions to raise prices and immediately after another call is received offering offers to switch to another company.

Phishing, scam emails, WhatsApp hoaxes and such, increasingly exceed the limits and you have to keep your eyes wide open.

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