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Google Nest Wifi, now available in Spain
Google Nest Wifi, now available in Spain

The Google Nest WiFi has finally arrived in Spain. With this device, Google promises complete coverage within the home, with a maximum of 210 square meters. The company says that the Google Nest WiFi is 25% more powerful, in terms of WiFi coverage than the already known Google WiFi.

This device is configured from its mobile app and does not require extensive computer knowledge, on the contrary, the Google Home app facilitates all the settings and actions that you want to perform with WiFi.

The ease of use of Google Nest Wifi is based on a simple gesture: connect it to the WiFi router that we already have at home. But this device is not just a WiFi signal booster, it goes further and displays essential features like these:

  1. Easily share your password (by scanning a QR code).
  2. Pause WiFi on certain devices.
  3. Set times to cut the connection.
  4. Set routines.
  5. Prioritize bandwidth for a certain activity.
  6. Parental control with blocking of certain content that may be considered unsuitable for children.
Google Nest Wifi, now available in Spain
Google Nest Wifi, now available in Spain

These are actions that a priori seem basic, but in the daily life of a family they become very useful.

In addition, a curiosity that could not be missing is the fact that the Google Nest WiFi base station has a Google smart speakerIn this way we can ask it to perform certain actions as if it were an independent Google Nest Mini.

With the Google assistant we can interact as normal and ask it to write down something on the shopping list, to play a playlist, to call a contact, to remind us of tasks for today, to open some application etc.

It is not only an accessory to improve WiFi coverage, but it goes further and offers us the possibility of getting started in a connected home.

Given the climate crisis we are going through, it is very important that large companies become aware of it and produce devices with recycled materials, for example. In the case of the Google Nest WiFi, the materials of the casing and the WiFi point are made with 45% and 40% recycled plastics, respectively.

Google Nest WiFi price and availability

Google Nest Wifi, now available in Spain
Google Nest Wifi, now available in Spain

We already anticipate that the device is not cheap, but taking into account everything it offers and that the WiFi point is a Google Nest Mini with integrated Google Assistant, we can understand its price.

This complete device is on sale from today, May 5, 2020, at a price of €259 and is You can buy it in the Google Store, and in regular points over the next few days.

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