Google Meet integrates with Gmail
Google Meet integrates with Gmail

For those who use Google Meet as their video calling application, please know that is already integrated in the Gmail mail service, so you can make video calls directly from there without having to go to the web or use the apps.

This option is extremely convenient if we are working on the computer and need to use Google Meet at a certain time, it does not have to much sense in mobile devices because for that we already have the respective applications.

It is a new way to use Google Meet, to which we must add that recently the application is already available for free for everyone from yesterday May 4, although only until a very specific date, but it allows testing all the possibilities.

To use Google Meet from Gmail, simply enter your email account with your username and password and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the column on the left where you can find the different trays where the emails arrive, click on "More", scroll down to the end and you should see the “Meet” section.
  2. There you will see two options, that of “ start a meeting ” that allows you to create your own and then invite more people or also the “ join a meeting” option through which you can join a video call that has already started to which you have been previously invited.
Google Meet integrates with Gmail
Google Meet integrates with Gmail

It is quite likely that the Google Meet section in Gmail will not appear yet, all you have to do then is wait a bit, because it seems that the possibility is not there reaching all users equally, so there is no choice but to use the app in other ways.

By the way, it has nothing to do with the section “chats” which you will probably see, that's where you can access the history of chats that you have or had open in Hangouts, another Google chat and video call app that has nothing to do with Google Meet.

Remember that Google Meet within Gmail uses the same network resources as if you were using the web or applications, so make sure you have a good connection so that the sound and image quality of the video call, which also depends on buying a good webcam, is of high quality.

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