Skype: How many people can make a video call?
Skype: How many people can make a video call?

Skype has a limit of people who can participate in a video callat the same time, although with respect to other platforms and services, the figure is even more generous than other applications known in recent weeks, as you will learn later.

Although there is a large catalog of video call applications, Skype is one of the best known, easiest and most used by users basically because of the quality offered by video calls, although that also depends on the resources of each participant.

That is, you will have to buy a high-quality webcam that offers good sound and image quality, with a minimum resolution of 720p and if possible 1080p, in addition to the respective microphone, something that the vast majority of cameras already incorporate as standard.

With these details in mind, you can easily make a Skype group video call with 2 or more people up to a maximum limit of 49 people if you include yourself. This means that Skype supports up to 50 participants at the same time in a single video call.

Skype: How many people can make a video call?
Skype: How many people can make a video call?

This figure is extensible to the web version of Skype, for the Windows application and even for the official app for mobile phones and tablets, although video calls from so many people only they make sense on PC and not on mobile for display reasons.

Of course, make sure you have a good Internet connection so that the video calls you make on Skype take place without any problem, otherwise you may find cuts in the video image, although it is something that can happen at any time.

Remember that in a Skype video call you can perform the following actions:

  1. Control: You can mute the microphone and remove the webcam at any time.
  2. Chat: There is a chat window that will allow you to ask or write anything.
  3. Record video call: There is the possibility of recording the video call, Skype itself notifies who is executing that action so that the other participants can see it sep.

50 is the limit number that Skype of people can participate in video calls, surely it is more than enough for your possibilities, but you always have other free and paid options if you don't like this app or want to try other options.

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