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Verify hoaxes on WhatsApp with the IFCN bot
Verify hoaxes on WhatsApp with the IFCN bot

Today a new measure is born to fight against misinformation and hoaxes on WhatsApp, and it does so by the hand of abot created by the IFCN , that is, the International Fast-Checking Network, which consists of a company of the Poynter Institute focused on fact verification.

Behind this strategy there are hundreds of journalists who fight so that the information on the Internet is accurate and does not threaten misinformation.

Hoaxes are rampant on WhatsApp, which is why it has become the main highway for fake news and hoaxes, but this is coming to an end thanks to measures such as the IFCN bot.

A few days ago, WhatsApp updated its app and restricted the forwarding of messages to only one person, given the number of hoaxes that spread to its app with the awakening of the coronavirus worldwide.

How to use the WhatsApp antibulos bot?

The bot in question is very easy to use and can save us from falling into the odd scam or malicious strategy such as phishing attacks, false information, unauthorized mask sales websites, etc.

  1. First we must add as a contact the number "+1 (727) 2912606" (better to copy and paste directly since if we write it automatically puts +34 in front of us and it would be wrong), and then look for it in our WhatsApp app.
  2. We open chat with that contact, which we have called "Antibulos Bot".
  3. Once inside the chat, we must write "hi" to start the chat.
Check hoaxes on WhatsApp with the IFCN bot
Check hoaxes on WhatsApp with the IFCN bot
  1. Now some rules appear to interact with the bot.
  2. It is a very simple steps:
  3. Write 1, if we want to check certain information. We must accompany the 1 of some link, capture, image, etc. that we want to verify.
  4. Write 2, if what we are looking for is previously verified information.
  5. Write a 3, to receive advice and thus avoid falling into misinformation and hoaxes.
  6. Write 4, to find out who are the verifying entities in our country.
  7. Write 5, if our intention is to learn more about the IFCN.
  8. Finally, write 6, if we want to know the security and privacy terms of the bot.

From now on, we can use the WhatsApp bot to verify all the messages that reach us, whatever the route, remember that we can copy and paste with total ease.

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