Google will have dark mode in Chrome
Google will have dark mode in Chrome

The dark mode is already part of our lives, but it refuses to reach all services and applications, although soonwill reach the Google browser through Google Chrome , a possibility that will only be available for Android, although it could be for a short time.

Right now there is no simple and quick option in Chrome to activate dark mode, it can be done through a theme that It changes the look of the browser, but it's not a native option that can be easily turned on and off as if it were just another parameter.

This functionality is curious because the dark mode only comes to Google and for the moment for Chrome in its version for the Android operating system. This means that the user will be able to see Google search results from Chrome for Android with the dark interface

Interestingly, the Chrome app for Android does support dark mode, but it doesn't apply to the entire browser and you may find that, when performing a search on Google, the results appear on a blank screen, something that is what is intended to change.

It happens the same as in Chrome for iOS, activating the dark mode of iOS makes the browser also acquire that interface in dark color, but the search results made in Google are seen in white color, and this is precisely what will change.

Google will have dark mode in Chrome
Google will have dark mode in Chrome

It is not yet known how this novelty will be implemented, but what is certain is that Chrome developers are already working on this possibility and looking for the way that, when searching on Google, the results appear in dark mode

By then, the user will see the black window with typography clear enough to be readable, a specially designed mode to check the phone at night, something that our eyesight will appreciate if we are used to using the mobile at that time.

There is still no official release date for this functionality, hopefully Google will have dark mode in Chrome for Android at some point Next update, surely later they will extend the possibility to Chrome for iOS, although it remains to be seen what ends up happening, for now we can only wait.

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