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Beware of the fake email from Netflix
Beware of the fake email from Netflix

Cyber ​​criminals are not resting and now they have launched a new phishing campaign with Netflix. Their main objective is credit cards where they try to access with false email.

The email tries to simulate Netflix warning us of a problem with our account or some kind of payment error. The message is very variable but the objective is the same.

Once we access the link in the email, all the information we send goes directly to the cybercriminals' database without us realizing it.

How to avoid the fake Netflix email scam?

Beware of the fake email from Netflix
Beware of the fake email from Netflix

To begin with, we must be very attentive to the font used but where we will have to emphasize will be the email address we have received. There is software that allows you to simulate an original domain but they don't normally use it, so a good quick review of the source address doesn't hurt.

The email directs us to a web page where pretends to be Netflix so that we update our payment information where to access we will have to indicate our user and password. Again, verifying the linking address would be a quick way to avoid fraud.

The Netflix website incorporates a padlock and an https address where we are informed that it is a secure website. If we notice that you do not meet these requirements, immediately leave that website.

A very reliable recommendation is never to access from the emails we receive, if they ask us to update any information in our account, it is best to go directly to our browser and enter manually.

What to do if we fall for a scam?

Beware of the fake email from Netflix
Beware of the fake email from Netflix

If we have accessed the address indicated to us from the email, we must close it immediately and inform the Civil Guard or the Police, you can do it by email or even on social networks to give the notice.

If, on the contrary, we have accessed from the link and we have entered the access data to Netflix, quickly go to the official website to change the access data as soon as possible. A completely different password and a new email will help prevent them from accessing our Netflix account again.

If unfortunately you have indicated all the possible data, from the data of your access account such as email and password as well as the payment data (as indicated by the email). Block all access, call your bank and report what happened, change the access accounts and also modify the bank details hosted on Netflix.

With all these tips you can be more secure against cybercriminals where their goal is to get hold of your Netflix account credentials already that has access to payments.

The greatest precaution to avoid this type of deception is common sense and being very attentive when we are asked for confidential information. This new Netflix fake email campaign is landing in many variations, so stay tuned.

Have you received any kind of email from Netflix that could be fraudulent? What measures have you taken in this regard?

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