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Huawei Store, the official online store in Spain
Huawei Store, the official online store in Spain

The confinement forces us to be at home, which does not mean that we cannot stay connected, for which the online store Huawei Storehelps us to make it possible to a large extent thanks to technology, something that is being key these weeks.

Because not everyone is ready to quarantine at home, having a list of activities and devices is essential so as not to get bored and make the most of time; Doing sports, having fun and Doing teleworking is very easy thanks to technology

This is how the HuaweiWithYou initiative came about, offering an extended warranty for all Huawei products we buy, services at no cost and, with respect to the Huawei Store, the possibility of taking advantage of thefree shipping on technology items

In the Huawei official store, the Huawei Store, you will find a good catalog of products for Stay connected in this quarantine period, from computers and mobile phones, through smart watches, speakers, and even tablets and headphones, in many cases, in offer packs.

Huawei Store, the official online store in Spain
Huawei Store, the official online store in Spain

User comfort

Although the computer stores are one of the establishments that are allowed to open with the State of Alarm activated, there are certainly not many citizens who are willing to leave their homes to buy a smartphone, a smart watch, a tablet, etc.

This is where online stores take on a special role, which should adapt to the conditions we are currently experiencing due to the quarantine and with the aim of offering greater comfort to those who stay at home and do not go out to buy in a physical space.

Huawei Store precisely improves its conditions, offering shipments in 1 or 2 days without any cost to buyers so that their products arrive home as soon as possible, to which must be added the simple return with a maximum period of up to 14 days.

"Our objective is to guarantee that our users do not have to put themselves at risk to be able to continue connected through their Huawei terminals. That is why we are trying to do everything on our part to ensure their security" explained Fabio Arena, Product Manager of Huawei CBG Spain, in a company statement.

For any question about purchase or other reasons, Huawei expands its customer service and is available 24/7 week from 9 in the morning to 9 at night through a telephone number or a live chat.

Most outstanding offers from the Huawei Store

The fact of buying in an online store does not mean that the products are more expensive, on the contrary, in the Huawei Store you find attractive offers on a multitude of items, a great opportunity to buy those gadgets that we need on sale.

For example, there are very striking packs with a great price, especially those focused on teleworking; you can get the MateBook D 14, FreeBuds 3 wireless headphones and a bluetooth mouse for this computer for just €749, saving you almost €230.

You also have at your disposal the laptop MateBook D 15 with FreeBuds 3 headphones and a Huawei bluetooth mouse from €699, which It is also a discount of almost €230 since this pack has a standard price of €927.99, so it is worth the offer.

Huawei Store, the official online store in Spain
Huawei Store, the official online store in Spain

Another pack that you should not lose sight of is made up of the laptop MateBook 13 2020 which has a sale price of 999 € (it cost €1,178) because the most striking thing is that it includes a totally free gift, specifically a Huawei Watch GT smartwatch.

If you need a smartphone, you also have several packs, such as the one made up of the Huawei P30 Pro + Huawei wireless charger + FreeBuds 3 for €849 (savings of €309.90) or the one that includes the Huawei P40 + Huawei Watch GT2 from €799.

In the store you also have smartphones, tablets to entertain yourself at home and other types of technological and multimedia items, all on sale, so that the course of the days of confinement becomes more bearable and easier while we cannot leave the house.

The HuaweiWithYouproject helps us to keep in permanent contact with our loved ones now that physical distance is becoming more than evident, being able to Telecommuting, studying, entertaining ourselves, taking care of our he alth and much more from home thanks to technology.

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