PS5 will arrive in 2020: no delays due to the coronavirus
PS5 will arrive in 2020: no delays due to the coronavirus

Game fans can rest assured that PlayStation 5 will not be delayed Despite the setbacks caused by the epidemic of coronavirus, Sony believes it will be able to meet the Christmas 2020 release date it had promised months ago.

Not only the console is advancing at a good pace, also the PS5 games continue their development as normal despite the fact that the studios have had to move to teleworking.

At least that's what Sony claims in its earnings report for its fiscal year 2019 (which actually ended in March 2020). Reassures shareholders of possible machine delays, explaining that work was not significantly delayed.

One of the issues affecting PlayStation 5 is that travel to China, where production will take place, has been restricted. In principle, the company considers that it is an inconvenience, but that it will not force the machine to be delayed.

PS5 will arrive in 2020: no delays due to the coronavirus
PS5 will arrive in 2020: no delays due to the coronavirus

Anyway, official console details are still sparse. Sony has presented DualSense, the PS5 controller, and has also detailed the complete PlayStation 5 technical sheet. On the other hand, we do not know the external appearance of the machine, what catalog of games it will have or its price.

At the communication level, it does seem that the coronavirus has generated a certain delay. Many are betting on a possible PlayStation 5 event in June to fully reveal it, but no announcement has been made at this time.

In addition, the exact launch date remains unknown, and it is generally believed that it could be any time in Q3 2020That is, the same period as Xbox Series X, which will compete with PlayStation 5 at the power level.

Although some leaks suggest that PS5 would hit stores in October 2020, for now there is no specific date set. In addition, the coronavirus epidemic could worsen again, so we should not consider any decision as final.

At the results level, revenues from the PlayStation 4 division have fallen by 14% compared to the previous year, something that is not surprising when the change of generation is imminent. PS4 has already sold 110 million consoles, so we can't talk about bad results either.

Of course, many analysts expect PS5 to have a high price at launch, as it will offer considerable power, and component costs are high. In any case, it seems almost certain that by Christmas 2020 we will have PlayStation 5 available, and that the coronavirus will not delay its expected release date.

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