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How to change the WiFi password
How to change the WiFi password

Have you ever wondered how to change the WiFi password? I'm sure it will, above all because it is a recommended process that should be done, although not essential, once we buy a new router.

All routers come with a password already set for WiFi connection. In general, it is a password that is made up of numbers and letters that any user can find written under the router.

Precisely for this reason and for other security aspects, it is always advisable to change the password of your WiFi connection for a more secure and robust that only you know. It is one of the tips that we have offered to “shield” your home connection, although it is not the only recommendation.

Change password in configuration

To change the password of your router's WiFi connection we must access the router configuration from a computer or mobile through a specific address, specifically from an IP well known among most users.

This IP address is almost always written down at the bottom of the router, an address that will be the gateway to the entire configuration panel of your network device where, among many other things, you can change the WiFi password.

Depending on the router you have, the address can be or or something similar. You will also need the username and password to access the router, which is not the same as the WiFi password, which you will also find on a sticker under the device.

Once you get these three details we are ready to enter the router and change the WiFi password, do the following:

  1. Open Google Chrome, Firefox or the browser you use on your computer and type the address or as You see in the image below.
How to change the WiFi password
How to change the WiFi password

Fill in the "username" and "password" fields that we already told you where to look for

Now comes the most difficult part since changing parameters that are not correct could lead to incorrect connection operation. Follow these steps:

  1. Search for any parameter on the left named “ Wireless ”, “ WiFi” or something that has to do with the wireless connection. Note that the parameter may be different depending on the router you have.
How to change the WiFi password
How to change the WiFi password
  1. In my case now I go to the section " security" and that is where I can change the wireless connection password, specifically in the parameter “ Wireless network key”.
  2. Once you have decided on the key, put the new one in that field and the encrypted in “WPA2”. Let's remember that recently it was discovered that it was insecure, but soon after at least Windows came up with a solution.
  3. You just need to save changes and that's it. Anyone and even yourself, when you need to access your WiFi network, must enter that new password. In a few minutes you will have changed the WiFi password, but you must take into account two very important aspects, they are the following:

1. It's a “delicate” process: if you can't find the correct parameter, it's better not to change it because if you modify things that aren't correct, you may run into connection problems.

How to change the WiFi password
How to change the WiFi password

two. The steps are not the same in all routers: we have shown you the steps to change the WiFi password on the router we have, so if you have a different one, the steps to get there may be different.

That being said, you now know how to change the WiFi password in a few steps, something that will prevent intruders from accessing your network and They can use it for not very good purposes. It goes without saying that from the moment you detect that everything is slow or suspicious activity, it is worth changing the password again.

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