Fuelio, the app to control your vehicle expenses
Fuelio, the app to control your vehicle expenses

A vehicle is a good that involves many expenses at the end of the year. On this occasion we will see the app Fuelio, an app with which we can control all the expenses of our vehicle.

Although there are many applications to control our day-to-day expenses, there are not so many to keep track of the cost of maintaining our vehicle. Fuelio is one of the most popular apps for keeping track of our vehicle's expenses.

Controlling our vehicle expenses can be key to avoiding surprisesAlthough there are some methods by which we can control the expenses of our vehicle, in this way we will avoid surprises and we will know all the details of what we have spent more or less on.

Vehicles usually carry out periodic maintenance that we must do if we do not want it to start to malfunction. It should be noted that Fuelio is a fully customizable app with which we can set the liters per 100 kilometers that our vehicle consumes, how often the oil needs to be changed, between other data.

To be able to calculate the consumption that our car has between refueling and refueling, we only have to enter the liters and the price we have paid for refueling in addition to the number of kilometers that appears on the odometer.

The way it calculates it is very correct, since in this way we can know the cost in an exact way and without the need for our car to offer us a Approximate autonomy of the kilometers we can do with a full tank.

It should be noted that we can add other expenses such as parking, tolls, among others expenses that we also carry out with our vehicle.

Fuelio is not just an app to control the expenses of only those users who own a car, but also has options for carriers where you can calculate the liters to which 100 with double tank, the weight of the truck, the statistics that are offered to us through graphs and even a map where we can find gas stations and at the different prices at which we can find the fuel in them.

Although it is an app whose biggest drawback is that we will have to enter all the information by hand, later we can connect our Google account or Dropbox so that when we change devices we don't have to re-enter all the information again.

Without a doubt it is an interesting option to know all the costs that our vehicle entails over time. In addition, we can add the expenses of all the vehicles we own and not just one of them.

The interface that Fuelio has is simple and clean, although it is not a very attractive interface at a visual level, it is very useful when navigating through the different menus.

The graphs that are generated automatically Thanks to the different data that we introduce, they are very useful and visual, being able to see at a glance in what aspect we spend more money on our vehicle and take stock of how we could save or in which section of our car we spend more than we think.

Sygic is the developer behind this app, it is a well-known map company, although unfortunately, more and more drivers are using or Google Maps or, failing that, Waze. Thus abandoning GPS apps such as TomTom or Sygic.

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