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Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i
Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i

Realme is one of the firms that gives the most talk due to the high quality – price with which you can count on its terminals. In this case we will compare two of its terminals belonging to the mid-low range such as the Realme 5i and the Realme 6i.

Although the Realme 6i has already passed through our hands, we may want to save some money and choose the Realme 5i because it may be more than enough for us and adapted to our needs.

Realme is a firm that despite being a newcomer, is already beginning to suffer a price and terminal war with itself, since at the same price we can opt for models higher than the price at which a new terminal is launched. This event has already happened to Xiaomi on countless occasions.

First of all, it should be noted that the Realme 5i is a terminal that is only available in Carrefour and we can buy it both physically and online through the website of the Realme website. Therefore, at first we find ourselves with a small limitation when it comes to getting hold of the terminal.

It should be noted that over time, the Realme 5i will probably end up reaching other electronics stores. However, the Realme 6i can be found in the vast majority of stores on-line.

Essentially similar designs

Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i
Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i

Realme is one of the firms that has quite good finishes despite the price that its terminals have. It should be noted that both terminals are made of plastic. In the case of the Realme 5i, it is much more reminiscent of the company's low-end terminal such as the Realme C3 than the Realme 5.

The Realme 5i has a plastic finish, although it maintains the roughness and texture that the Realme C3 already had.

On the other hand, in the Realme 6i we already have a smooth plastic finishwithout any touch on the back of the device. Both devices are available in different colors.

In the case of the Realme 5i we have a turquoise blue color, very similar to the OnePlus 8,and in a green forest . In the case of Realme 6i is available in a green color called “Green Tea” and in a creamy white color.

Front part

At the design level both terminals are really similar. On the front side, both devices have a drop-type notch that houses the front camera of the devices and at the top of the notch it integrates the speaker to the calls.

The frames of both terminals are really used. The screens they have have a very considerable size in both terminals. The Realme 5i integrates a 6.2-inch screen and HD resolution, on the other hand, the Realme 6i has a 6.5-inch diagonal with HD+ resolution.

As we can see, we find the first difference between the two devices, which is the screen resolution.


Realme is a firm whose design line is very similar in the vast majority of its devices. In this case, how could it be otherwise, we have an encapsulation in both devices in which the rear sensors are housed.

In the central part of the back we find the physical fingerprint sensors and, finally, the Realme logo.

Design is a very subjective section, so even though there are hardly any physical differences between them, it is possible that we prefer a specific colorof one of the two mobiles.

Screens where there are slight differences

Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i
Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i

Although the design was a really similar section, this time we will see all the details about the screens.

  1. Realme 5i: we find a 6.2-inch panel built with IPS technology, a resolution of 1,600 x 720 and a 89% ratio.
  2. Realme 6i: features a 6.5-inch screen built with IPS technology, a resolution of 1600 x 720 and the same aspect ratio than above.

Both devices have the same resolution and panel, although probably on the Realme 6i, the screen would look worse because it has with a larger screen but that does not reach FHD. Both panels are covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 crystals.

It is in a section where there is no clear winner, although depending on how big we like mobile phones, we can choose between One or another.

Different hardware, but sufficient in both

Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i
Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i

The hardware of both the Realme 5i and the 6i is quite good for the price of the terminals.

  1. Realme 5i: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.
  2. Realme 6i: Mediatek Helio G80 accompanied by 3 or 4 GB of LPDDR4x RAM and 64 or 128 GB UFS 2.1 internal storage.

In this case, although it is true that Mediatek processors are still behind Qualcomm's in both power and efficiency. The Helio G80 would be one step higher than in the case of the Snapdragon 665.

Even so, both chips would be able to run games that weren't really demanding. The Realme 6i has a configuration of 3 GB of RAM that would be somewhat insufficient these days.

Although it should be noted that the price difference between the two devices is minimal, so it is always advisable to pay a little more and get the version that has a higher configuration of both storage and memory RAM, because we will be able to use the mobile for a longer time.

On the other hand, we must take into account that the customization layers that are ColorOS 6.1 in the case of Realme 5i and Realme UI for Realme 6i usually need an extra of power to be able to move in a fluid way because the customization layers are usually quite heavy.

4 sensors, same cameras?

Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i
Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i

Although visually we can see that both devices have 4 sensors on the back, the terminals do not have the same sensors, although with a really similar configuration.

  1. Realme 5i: 12 MP main + 8 ultra wide angle + 2 MP macro + 2 MP portrait
  2. Realme 6i: 48 MP f/1.8 (main) + 8 MP f/2.3 (ultra-wide angle) + 2 MP f /2.4 (macro) + 2 MP f/2.4 (depth).

As we can see, the main and probably the only difference that we find between both terminals at the photographic level corresponds to the main sensor. The Realme 6i integrates a 48 MP sensor that is well-known and is equipped with Quad Pixel technology, that is, it captures are made at 12 MP unless we use the 48 MP mode.

On the other hand, both terminals are really versatile due to the fact that thanks to the multitude of sensors that they integrate, we have the possibility of using the ideal sensor for each moment.

In the case of the Realme 5i we can make recordings in up to 4K at 30 fps. On the other hand, the Realme 6i manages to achieve results up to 1080 at 30 fpsIn video recording we would find that the Realme 5i would have the possibility of recording video at a higher resolution. Although we don't know if it would be at a good level in other sections such as stabilization or focus.

Batteries with high amperage

Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i
Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i

The batteries in both devices have large batteries:

  1. Realme 5i: 5,000 mAh with 10W fast charge.
  2. Realme 6i: 5,000 mAh with 18W fast charge.

We must mention that both terminals would have the possibility of making PowerBanks and charging other devices Although the Realme 5i will probably offer us a better autonomy due to the efficiency of its processor, it integrates a slower fast charge than the Realme 6i and MicroUSB.

The Realme 6i, however, has a USB Type-C connection and fast charging plus fast. We must also take into account that despite incorporating a less efficient processor, we would still be able to have a very good autonomy.

Similar, but different customization layers

Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i
Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i

Realme landed on the market with its own customization layer called ColorOS, where we already said that whose appearance could be related in a very direct way to EMUI or MIUI.

On the other hand, a few months ago the Chinese firm took the step and launched the evolution of ColorOS which is called Realme UI and it corresponds to a cleaner customization layer that tends more to OxygenOS, OnePlus' personalization layer and Realme's sister firm, than to MIUI or EMUI.

  1. Realme 5i: ColorOS 6.1 based on Android 9.
  2. Realme 6i: Realme UI based on Android 10.

In this section we would give the Realme 6i as the winner since in addition to having a later version of Android,the operating system tends more to Android Stock. Although the latter is more a matter of taste.

Realme 5i and 6i, prices

Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i
Comparison: Realme 5i vs Realme 6i

Although this is a really tight comparison in most aspects, here are their prices:

  1. Realme 5i 4 GB/ 64 GB: 159 euros.
  2. Realme 6i 4 GB/128 GB: 179 euros.

Although the difference in price between both terminals does not clear us of many doubts, because the difference is 20 euros, we can assess the rest of the aspects and in this way know whether to choose the Realme 5i or the 6i. On the other hand, we can also consider other options that are at a similar price such as the Realme 5.

Let's remember that despite having the number 5 in its name, the Realme 5i was presented together with the Realme 6 Pro. Although Realme is a firm with really reasonable prices, it is likely that the different offers that may arise.

On the other hand, let's remember that the hardware that both terminals have is not very powerful, so if we find ourselves looking for a slightly superior alternative with a reasonable price, we can value the Realme 5 Pro or even the Realme 6.

Although we are not dealing with high-priced smartphones, we must weigh your purchase well in order to take full advantage of them. It should be noted that In neither case would we be making a worse purchase. Of course, we must always prioritize our needs and opt for that model that has better sections in what we value in a mobile.

It can certainly be a difficult choice, and we cannot select a clear winner because, as we have seen throughout From the comparison, each one has some pros and cons.

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