IFA 2020 will be held with capacity restrictions
IFA 2020 will be held with capacity restrictions

The coronavirus was advancing little by little and large events were canceled or postponed and suddenly it was the turn of IFA 2020 The decision was successful, but now they return with capacity restrictions, small physical events with a maximum of 1,000 people per day

In the beginning, the idea of ​​the organizing company of IFA 2020 was to create a kind of online event so that the press conferences would not be cancelled. In fact, in the press release they released the day they dropped that the IFA 2020 fair was cancelled, they mentioned a "innovative concept"

This new plan that flies over the IFA 2020 celebration does not convince everyone, and creates certain doubts, about who does enter and who does not enter, what filters are they going to put, what security measures, etc..

IFA 2020 will be held with capacity restrictions
IFA 2020 will be held with capacity restrictions

The German authorities restricted the capacity of mass events to a maximum of 5,000 people, so IFA has reduced it even further, to 1,000 attendees per day and not will be an event open to the public, but limited in all aspects.

Another thing that changes is the duration of the IFA 2020, which has gone from having a duration of 7 days to only 3 days, but At least this is better than running out of IFA 2020.

Press conferences are the main focus of this type of sales, but now also the main focus of contagion. That is why in this curious edition of IFA 2020, the conferences will be held in a single controlled and centralized place with a maximum of 800 journalists present.

Simultaneous events are a classic of these international fairs, so in this edition of IFA 2020 they could not miss during the 3 days that the event will last.

At least the fair isn't canceled entirely, and there are firm plans for the event to go ahead. So much so that the CEO of IFA has dropped that "the economic recovery of the sector begins with the celebration of the IFA" that will take place in Berlin at the beginning of September, since, according to him, "the sector needs a platform in which show itself and let innovations be seen".

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