Fitbit wants to detect the coronavirus
Fitbit wants to detect the coronavirus

An early detection of possible coronavirus symptoms can be key and that is what you want to achieve Fitbit with its bracelets and smartwatches, the possibility of detecting if someone could have the virus in order to help better detect the disease.

For that they are already participating in a study in collaboration with two other entities whose results could help to know if it is possible create some kind of algorithmand implement it in gadgets that help detect the coronavirus before symptoms even begin.

This is a research study that could help, not only to detect the coronavirus in its most initial phase, but also other illnesses like the flu. The objective is to check if there is any way to detect them in devices of this type and would be a complement to the apps related to the coronavirus.

This study requires the intervention of users who have a Fitbit device, which is how the company is offering its customers the possibility of participation through the Fitbit app answering a simple questionnaire of questions related to the coronavirus.

Fitbit wants to detect the coronavirus
Fitbit wants to detect the coronavirus

At the moment it only works in the United States and Canada and the company is calling all those people over 21 years of age who have had or currently have symptoms ofcoronavirus to participate in said investigation.

In a few minutes and through the discover section of the Fitbit app, the user will only take a couple of minutes to answer different questions. For example, you are asked whether or not you think you have had the flu or coronavirus, the symptoms and relevant medical details.

Answering honestly is essential, only then could we reach a successful port and try to develop an algorithm that helps detect diseases through These smart devices are a good way to help prevent possible infections and control viruses.

At the moment this possibility is not available in Spain, although its presence in the near future is not ruled out either. In any case, the user must be clear, participation is voluntary and it is possible to withdraw from the study at any time.

Ideally, a large number of users would participate, only then would greater success be guaranteed and it would be possible to verify more reliably if Fitbit devices could help detect coronavirus and other medical problems through an algorithm.

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