How to watch random videos on YouTube
How to watch random videos on YouTube

There are millions of videos on YouTube, so it's almost impossible to watch them all, but there is one web page that allows you to watch random videos with the aim of discovering new content that you may not have known existed until now.

The number of videos stored on YouTube does not stop growing daily and it would be unthinkable for a user to see them all, but sometimes you probably get bored of always seeing the same type of content and this is where you can find a website called Astronaut

The truth is that you can discover new videos that are somewhat strange that you probably would never imagine were inside YouTube, but precisely the essence of this platform resides in that very thing, showing you videos that you wouldn't see otherwise.

Its operation is quite simple, all you have to do is open the website, click on “Go” and , all of them will appear from YouTube, but they are not played in full, you will only see them for a few seconds, so you can discover many more in less time.

How to watch random videos on YouTube
How to watch random videos on YouTube

It's like a kind of carousel of random videos that go by, although you can say stop any of them if you want to watch them complete or even open it on YouTube to see it better, know its author and if it has uploaded more, see the views it has accumulated and other data.

Just below each video there is a button that when pressed does not allow the next video to continue until the one that appears on the screen ends. Meanwhile, in the background there are moving images of space, hence the name of the website, which is called Astronaut.

It has another hidden functionality, if you press the space key on your keyboard a pleasant and relaxing music will start playing while the YouTube videos continue to play randomlyand no sound, just the sound of that song playing.

You are probably wondering what kind of videos appear in Astronaut, in the tests we have done they are random videos, of all kinds and completely random, generally with few visualizations and in many cases with titles like “DSC 0003” and similar.

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