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14 applications to learn mathematics
14 applications to learn mathematics

Our mobile phone can be used for countless situations and experiences. One of them is to increase training and education. Thus, in situations like the ones we have experienced in recent weeks, not only in Spain, but throughout the world, certain apps will allow us or our children not to lose the knowledge acquired, as well as continue learning. That's why today we bring you 14 applications to learn mathematics

We are going to focus on a subject as important for any student (or non-student) today as mathematics, regardless of the level we have, since in these apps there are different options for different ages and knowledge.


This application allows us, through our mobile camera, focus on a problem that we have written and will show us the solution, as well as how to solve this problem so that we will be able to do it next time.

There is a detail that we find very interesting and that is that Photomath does not need an internet connection to work.

MyScript Calculator

It is a calculator with a very special facet, since it is not like the typical ones that we must press the numbers and symbols to do an operation. Here we can write the operation we want to do directly on the screen and it will give us the result of what we have written with our own handwriting.

Too bad it's an app for which you have to pay a little more than 3 euros to be able to work with it.



It is an application available on Android and iOS, aimed at children from 4 to 14 years old, where they can carry out 15-minute sessions in which they will be taught and will be able to test their knowledge of mathematics, logic and programming.

Math vs. Zombies

Math vs. Zombies is actually a game in which we will have to face a invasion of zombies using our knowledge of mathematics as our only weapon.

It is a fun game where while we are playing we are solving operations and mathematical problems.

It is available to play on our Android and iOS device.

Operation Math Code Squad

14 applications to learn mathematics
14 applications to learn mathematics

It is a game that is valid both for the youngest members of the house and for adults, since it is about measuring our knowledge and speed of reactionin certain operations.

We must be focused and fast if we want to win in this game, which in addition to entertaining us teaches us mathematical problems.


14 applications to learn mathematics
14 applications to learn mathematics

GeoGebra is the Android version of a free math learning software that is present in Windows, where we can learn arithmetic, algebra, geometry and various other mathematical concepts.

The good thing is that it adapts to the knowledge of each individual, so anyone can start learning with this application. In addition, it has a version for both Android and iOS.

Medieval Math VR


It is a game to learn mathematics through Virtual Reality.

It's about defending the Kingdom of Kels from our enemies using the power of mathematics to do so. It will be possible to travel to different worlds and castles as long as we advance in our power with mathematics.

It is a game prepared to use with Virtual Reality glasses, very entertaining and makes mathematical knowledge multiply as that is being played.

We can use it in both Android and iOS terminals.

Free Formulas

It is an app aimed at high school or university students, since it is an application to obtain information about formulas of algebra, geometry, derivatives, integrals, or equations.

In addition, Formulas Free offers tools to make those same calculations automatically, in case we need it when the time comes. It is only present in the Android operating system.

King of Mathematics

14 applications to learn mathematics
14 applications to learn mathematics

At the beginning of the game you are a farmer who must answer mathematical questions if you want to level up, finding simple operations to solve such as addition or subtraction, even equations, arithmetic operations, powers, geometry or statistics, among other things.

This fun game is available on both Android and iOS.


14 applications to learn mathematics
14 applications to learn mathematics

It is an application that can serve as consultation when we are studying mathematical formulas or as a reminder. It has more than 12 different topics and more than 1,000 formulas that can be used for our mathematical operations. In addition, it has a questionnaire to find the specific formula that we need and it is available for both iOS and Android.

Math Exercises


It is a union between a game and some class explanations, valid for both children, adolescents and adults.

Depending on our initial level, they generate multiple tests, which we can review to know where we have gone wrong, along with a progress system to know how much we have advanced in our knowledge.

It is only available for those users who have the Android operating system on their smartphones.

Mathematics First ESO

For such a complex course, due to the change it implies for students, such as First year of ESO, we have an application that will help students beginning or in this course with regard to mathematics.

In Mathematics First ESO we will work on prime and composite numbers, polygons, the greatest common divisor, the least common multiple, the rules of three, percentages, fractions and everything that occurs in This course, considered transitional, hence its importance.

The good news is that users of Android terminals will be able to enjoy it, but those with iOS devices can too.



It is an application with which, taking a picture of an exercise or problem, the program tries to identify it.

If it has the solution, it shows it to you along with the development so that you know how to get to the solution, if it doesn't have it, it is presented to the rest of the SnapSchool users to see if anyone could help us. solve the exercise.

It is available for both major phone platforms such as Android and iOS.

Beyond Cats

Beyond Cats! There are different apps, which are included in different ages, in order to better adapt to each user, starting with children, going through primary, secondary and more.

They will give us mathematical and reasoning problems, with a very neat and fun interface.

It is only available for those users who have the iOS operating system.

With these 14 apps that we have presented today, everyone will have a way to review and expand their mathematical knowledge in an easy and enjoyable way.

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