Skins Fortnite: the Ninja skin returns
Skins Fortnite: the Ninja skin returns

The popular streamer Ninja returns to the Fortnite store with a skin, which will allow players to use him as a character in the popular battle royale from Epic Games.

Richard Tyler Blevins, better known by his nickname "Ninja," has become very popular for broadcasting his Fortnite matches, among other games, through Twitch. Although he had previously been a part of several professional eSports teams, he became famous mostly because of his streams.

Ninja helped popularize Fortnite, and in January 2020 his skin was released within the "Icon Series"(translated as "idols" in Spanish). Other streamers like Loserfruit and the Spanish TheGrefg will also have their own skin within this series.

Well, until next Sunday May 24 of 2020 you will be able to get the Ninja skin again. Maybe it's the last chance, and in any case it seems that Fortnite wants to make these designs quite exclusive, since it brings it back for just a couple of days.

Apart from the skin itself, with various styles, in the Fortnite store we find several related objects:

  1. Ninja for 1,500 bucks (includes 4 styles + Ninja Blade as a backpacking accessory).
  2. Double Katanas for 800 bucks (harvesting tool).
  3. Ninja Style for 300 bucks (emote).
  4. Ninja Bundle for 2,000 bucks (skin + Ninja Edge + Double Katanas + Ninja Style).

As always, we are talking about cosmetic items, which do not give any playable advantage in games for purchasing them.

Skins Fortnite: the Ninja skin returns
Skins Fortnite: the Ninja skin returns

Ninja is still hugely popular, though in moving from Twitch to Mixer he has lost his following. In any case, the player received between 20 and 30 million dollars from Microsoft to add it to its platform, so the operation turned out to be profitable.

Although new titles like Valorant threaten the popularity of Fortnite, the battle royale continues to attract many fans, and the sale of cosmetic items has become a huge business for Epic Games, which allows it to run promotions such as the free gift of Civilization VI.

If we are interested in the Ninja skin we must hurry to buy it in the Fortnite store, because it will soon disappear and we don't know when will cast again, if at all.

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