5G in Windows System32 folder, is it real?
5G in Windows System32 folder, is it real?

A new viral is circulating on WhatsApp, through an image that indicates that they are installing 5G on PCs, and that we can avoid it if delete the System32 folder on the hard disk.

We have already explained that 5G is not dangerous to he alth, at least so far there are no indications that it harms people, and the frequencies used by this new type of coverage are considered secure.

Despite this, some hoaxes insist on linking 5G and the coronavirus epidemic, and perhaps that explains why the image circulates by Whatsapp.

The text indicates "Attention spread" in the header, something key for the virals to keep circulating, and then states that "5G is being installed without us realizing it".

Just the first sentence already sets off alarm bells, but then the message gets even weirder:

"They are already activating 5G on your computer. Check if they have a folder called System32. Go to "My Computer" and from there click on "search". If they have it, it's because They installed 5G! Delete that folder and that's it."

5G in Windows System32 folder, is it real?
5G in Windows System32 folder, is it real?

System32 is a basic folder for running any Windows PC, and tech-savvy users will surely crack a smile at this delusional idea.

But WhatsApp is used by millions of people, who don't have to know about System32, and might feel worried when reading this notice.

System32 stores many basic computer files, including DLL libraries and EXE executables that are essential for its proper functioning. In fact, it is among the Windows folders that should not be modified.

Therefore, we must not delete System32 under any circumstances, otherwise we will damage your computer. Actually, we will get various warnings and, under normal conditions, the system would not allow us to do so.

If we use specialized tools and delete System32 we will end up with a PC that will not work for us. We will need to create a flash drive to format Windows and recover normality.

As for the possibility of a device adding 5G coverage with a software update, it's simply not feasible5G needs a specific modem (one of the internal chips of the mobile or PC) and also adapted antennas, so it must be included from the factory.

4G mobiles cannot be upgraded to 5G because they would need these extra components, but in the case of a computer it would be even more complex, since it usually incorporates antennas only for WiFi, very different from those used when connect to mobile networks.

In conclusion, we must not delete the System32 folder, which has nothing to do with 5G. And it would not be a good idea to forward the image to our WhatsApp contacts either, as we would be contributing to the spread of misinformation.

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