How much battery does WhatsApp consume?
How much battery does WhatsApp consume?

Knowing how much battery WhatsApp uses helps us maximize battery saving options, especially in situations where we have less 20%.

WhatsApp is an app that we use daily and depending on each person it can make us "lose" several hours a day. That time, after all, is battery percentage, so it is convenient to know how much battery the WhatsApp app uses.

Battery consumption due to the use of WhatsApp depends to a large extent on the software that the terminal has, whether it is Android or iOSand the time we use the messaging app.

So, let's learn how to determine the percentage of battery we use when using WhatsApp:

  1. We must go to the mobile settings and in the search bar write "battery usage".
How much battery does WhatsApp use?
How much battery does WhatsApp use?
  1. Among all these applications we will see WhatsApp.
  2. If we click on it, we scroll down and find the option "Energy consumption".
  3. This is where we are shown the battery that has been consumed since the last charge.

The more minutes we dedicate to WhatsApp, the more battery it will consume, since we lose screen minutes and hours.

Another way to know how much battery certain applications take up is to review the ranking of the 5 apps that consume the most battery:

How much battery does WhatsApp use?
How much battery does WhatsApp use?

The battery of a smartphone is a whole that is divided into small applications, so the more we take care of the small details, the longer the battery will last. To save battery there are several tips:

  1. Always keep the brightness as low as possible.
  2. Have as few connections as possible.
  3. Turn off data or WiFi when we no longer need it.
  4. Do not leave the screen active.
  5. Do not have many apps in the background.
  6. Leave the phone silent, instead of vibrating or ringing, which use up more battery power.

There is no official trick to make WhatsApp use less battery, but the truth is that it does not use much compared to other apps that stay in the background like Spotify, Google Maps, Instagram, Chrome, Gmail, Twitter, etc.

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