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Realme Watch: specifications and prices
Realme Watch: specifications and prices

Realme has held an international event and among all the novelties they have presented there is one that they have liked a lot and it is their Realme Watch. This smart watch has a sporty aesthetic and has an SpO2 sensor.

The sensor we have mentioned is in charge of recording the amount of oxygen we have in our blood. This fact is not as easy to detect as the heartbeat or stress, but requires a different test, since during the measurement we must be still and breathe as normally as possible.

The resemblance of the Realme Watch to the Apple Watch is something palpable to the naked eye, but let's not stay with that. The Realme Watch has square sphere and rounded edges of 1.4 inches, that is to say about 3.5 cm and a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels on a screen color and tactile, as well as silicone straps with a clasp very similar to the Apple Watch.

Realme Watch: specifications and prices
Realme Watch: specifications and prices

The screen is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, with 3.5D curved glass and 12 brightness levels of 380 nits. The structure of the clock resists up to 7 kg of weight and has IP68 certificate.

Realme Watch has intelligent activity detection, in addition to 14 different sports modes, automatic sleep control, control music and camera, allows you to receive phone notifications, we can customize the Realme Watch thanks to its 12 different and interchangeable spheres without limits

Regarding the heart rate sensor included in the Realme Watch, it is able to detect if the heart rate is unusually low or unusually high, to prevent greater evils and always be aware of our he alth.

Through the app we can have precise control of our constants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from uninterrupted and also, Realme Watch has anomaly detection, as we have already mentioned.

The battery of the Realme Watch is 160 mAh and gives us an autonomy of 7 days, being able to reach 9 days if it is we keep on saving energy.

Realme Watch: specifications and prices
Realme Watch: specifications and prices

Another aspect that we can customize are the straps that we will have 4 colors to choose from: black, red, green and blueAll of them made of silicone, soft and easy to disassemble thanks to a simple button. The company indicates that these straps do not stain easily and that they weigh 31 grams.

Continuing with the capabilities of the Realme Watch, this small device allows us to control our connected home That is, from the face of the watch we can control Realme Buds Air, turn on or off the smart lamp, control a smart speaker or smart TV, etc.

Realme Watch, price and availability

This new smart watch hits the market on June 16 at a special price of €49.99, only for the first 100 units. After that date, it will cost 54, 99 € from June 22, 2020.

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