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How to make money fast in GTA V
How to make money fast in GTA V

GTA V is one of the most popular video games where we can perform multiple actions, including some of them criminal, therefore, we may like to know how to earn money fast in GTA V.

GTA V is one of the video games that, despite being several years old, gives more to talk about and continues to include news. Although it is a video game in which we can do almost anything, because it is an open world video game, getting money is not always an easy task.

Luckily, getting quick money in GTA V is getting easier and easier. Next, we will see the fastest ways to get money in GTA V to be able to buy apartments, vehicles, planes, etc.

How to get a million dollars in GTA V

Having millions in GTA V is something quite common, because many players use cheats. In this case, if we have an Amazon account with an active Prime subscription, we can link our Twitch account to our "Social Club" account, which is how call the Rockstar Games platform and when you perform this action, they will automatically add the million dollars to our account.

Steps to follow to link our Amazon Prime account with Twitch Prime and Social Club to obtain the million dollars:

  1. We access the Twitch Prime website and log in with our Amazon account.
  1. Next, it will ask us to log in to Twitch and give Twitch Prime a series of permissions.
  2. Once we have our Amazon Prime and Twitch account linked, we can claim different rewards from each game.
  3. Next, we will go to the section “Games and Loot” where we will be shown a list where one of the rewards is a million dollars in GTA V.
  4. Click on it and then on the button “Obtain now”.
How to make money fast in GTA V
How to make money fast in GTA V
  1. Finally, it will ask us to link our PlayStation account or log in to our Social Club account with which we have already played to the Rockstar video game to add the millionaire amount.


Through our smartphone, within the game, we can select different missions that other players and the game itself are proposing to us. There are many missions and depending on the mission and how long it takes us to complete it, we can make quick money.

Difficulty comes into play, so the higher the difficulty, the more loot we can obtain when performing it. On the other hand, it should be noted that if we fail in the mission, they will still offer us a small reward.

Stealing and selling cars

While it may sound highly unethical, there is a chance we could be offered up to $12,940 for cars we've stolen on the street inside from GTA V. All we have to do is make sure that the car we are going to steal is on this list and then go to the "Los Santos Custom" workshopso you can sell it.

The cars that we can steal and sell in GTA V will be the following

  1. Vapid Peyote (Peyote gang):$12,940
  2. Albany Buccaneers (Buccaneers Gang):$9875
  3. Lampadati Felon GT:$ 9500
  4. Declass Tornado (Gang version):$ 9040
  5. Lampadati Felon:$9000
  6. Gallivanter Baller (Modern):$9000
  7. Gallivanter Baller (Classic):$9000
  8. Obey Rocoto:$8500
  9. Canis Mesa (Merryweather Jeep):$8500
  10. Ocelot F620:$8000
  11. Benefactor Schwartzer:$8000
  12. Ubermacht Oracle:$8000
  13. Albany Cavalcade (Modern):$7000
  14. Benefactor Dubsta:$7000
  15. Albany Cavalcade (Classic):$7000
  16. Ubermacht Zion:$6500
  17. Zion Ubermacht Convertible:$ 6500
  18. Benefactor Schafter:$6500
  19. Ocelot Jackal:$6000
  20. Benefactor Serrano:$6000
  21. Ubermacht Sentinel XS:$6000
  22. Ubermacht Sentinel:$6000
  23. Dundreary Land Stalker:$5800
  24. Fathom FQ 2:$5000
  25. Mammoth Patriot:$5000
  26. Vapid Sandking XL:$4500
  27. Vapid Sandking SWB:$4500
  28. Havana Emperor:$ 4200
  29. Surge Horse:$3800
  30. Schyster Fusilade:$3600
  31. Vapid Sadler:$3500
  32. Vapid Dominator:$3500
  33. Bravado Buffalo:$3500
  34. Bravado Gauntlet:$3200
  35. Vapid Radius:$3200
  36. Declasse Granger:$3100
  37. Canis Mesa:$3000
  38. Bravado Bison:$3000
  39. Declasse Tornate:$3000
  40. Vapid Minivan:$3000
  41. Canis SemInola:$ 3000
  42. Bravado Gresley:$2900
  43. Albany Buccaneer:$2800
  44. Karin AsteroPE:$2600
  45. Bollokan Prairie:$2500
  46. Karin Dorothynte:$2500
  47. Shitzu PCJ 600:$2500
  48. Shitzu PCJ 600:$2500
  49. Horse Fugitive:$2400
  50. Maibatsu Penumbra:$2400
  51. Vapid Bobcat XLv:$2300
  52. Declasse Vigero:$ 2100
  53. Important Phoenix:$ 2000
  54. Western Daemon:$2000
  55. Weeny Daddy:$1800
  56. BF Injection:$1600
  57. Dinka Blista:$ 1600
  58. Karin Intruder:$1600
  59. Bravado Youga:$1600
  60. Western Bagger:$1600
  61. Downgraded Saber Turbo:$1500
  62. Bravado Duneloader:$1500
  63. Albany Washington:$1500
  64. Karin Sultan:$1200
  65. Vapid Peyote:$1200
  66. Bravado Rumpo:$1200
  67. Imponte ruins:$ 1000
  68. Vapid Stanier:$1000
  69. Karin Diaper:$1000
  70. Pegassi Ruffian:$1000
  71. Zirconium Stratum:$1000

Carrying out bank robberies

How to make money fast in GTA V
How to make money fast in GTA V

To be able to carry out robberies, we must have a minimum capital with which we have been able to acquire an apartment from which the said robbery is planned. On the other hand, we must keep in mind that depending on the difficulty in which we carry out the robbery, we can obtain a greater or lesser reward.

The heists that are available in GTA V are the following:

  1. The Fleeca Heist: We will receive $96,250 if we do it in easy mode. $115,000 in normal mode and $143,750 in hard mode.

- Prison Escape: We will obtain $200,000 by completing the mission in easy mode. $400,000 if we dare to do it in normal mode. And we can get up to $500,000 if we dare in hard mode.

  1. Assault on Humane Laboratories: the amount in easy mode would be $270,000. In normal mode we can get up to $540,000. In hard mode we will get up to $675,000.
  2. Initial Financing: We will receive $202,000 if we complete the robbery in easy mode. $404,000 in normal mode and up to $505,500 in hard.
  3. Hit to the Pacific Standard: We will receive $500,000 in easy way. If we choose to do it in normal mode, we can reach up to $1,000,000. Finally, we can get up to $1,250,000 in hard mode.

On the other hand, we can earn additional money if we complete the missions by fulfilling some of the following rules:

  1. $1,000.00 for making all shots in order
  2. $1,000,000 when performing all the robberies in order and with the same team of players
  3. $10,000,000 for completing all Heists in order, on Hard, with the same team of players without ever dying once.

GTA V Events

From time to time, Rockstar hosts in-game events which are advertised both in-game and via social media from the developer. By these means, they will also show us if there is any type of discount on certain vehicles or specific stores to get them at a better price.

Buying Shark Cards

How to make money fast in GTA V
How to make money fast in GTA V

The last option to make quick money in GTA V is to go through the box sacrificing our real money and thus be able to purchase goods within of the video game The cards that exist within the game are the following:

  1. Red Shark Card: has a cost of 2, 49euros in exchange for 100,000 dollars within GTA V.
  2. Tiger Shark Card: costs 3, 99 euros to change of 200,000 dollars in GTA V.
  3. Bull Shark Card: has a cost of 7, 49 eurosfor $500,000 in GTA V.
  4. White Shark Card: for 14, 99 euros we can get 1,250,000 dollars in GTA V.
  5. Whale Shark Card: costs 37, 99 euros and we will get 3,500,000 dollars inside GTA V.
  6. Megalodon Shark Card: in exchange for 74, 99 euroswe can acquire 8 million dollars in GTA V.

As we can see, there are many ways to get quick money in GTA V, although we do not recommend buying this type of card with the amount of possibilities that exist in the game to win money.

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