Gmail renews its design
Gmail renews its design

Gmail, in its web version, brings a very positive change in its designand that will help inbox customization.

This is a novelty that begins to be deployed from today, but that will gradually arrive in the coming days. In this update we will see certain changes such as the inclusion of a side configuration bar.

With this bar we can access the settings more quickly and we will have a greater capacity when it comes to customizing our mailbox Gmail. Also, something very important is that each change we make will be able to see it in real time, and not like before, when we had to save the changes and return to the inbox.

To access this sidebar we must click on the configuration button (gear-shaped icon). It will be there where we can change the background of our Gmail inbox, if we want dark mode or not, put important emails first, configure the text density, configure the information displayed for each email, etc.

Gmail renews its design
Gmail renews its design

And it is that Gmail has several tricks to be able to customize the inbox and adapt it to our needs.

This sidebar is just a quick and direct access to the existing configuration, that is, the menu where we now configure our inbox will continue to exist. The complete menu can be accessed by clicking on "See all configurations", from the new bar.

In the usual configuration is where we can add an automatic email, a signature, give access to another Gmail account, activate autocorrect, modify the waiting time to undo a shipment, activate intelligent responses, change the photo, etc.

As we said at the beginning, the update will roll out gradually, so just wait until the new configuration bar reach our Gmail account.

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