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10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020

WhatsApp is an app that we use every day, but, believe it or not, it has secrets and tricks that very few know and along these lines, we are going to discover them all.

These are simple tricks and in almost all of them the official WhatsApp app will suffice, although to achieve some, we will need to download extra applications.

Join the official WhatsApp beta program

For those who don't know, all applications and games have a beta phase, which is where they are tested to be compatible with all devices, errors are found, they are used to receive opinions from those who test the beta, improvements are implemented and new functions are tested in order to analyze whether or not the public likes it, etc.

Since it is WhatsApp, the beta is public and almost anyone can be part of the WhatsApp beta program. We say almost anyone, because when there are a lot of people, the program closes and does not accept any more requests. After a while, it reopens, and new incorporations are admitted.

This is the official WhatsApp app, but being in the beta version we can be among the first to receive the news and the improvements and implementations that the app makes from time to time.

To access the beta program, we must search our application store (Google PlayStore or AppStore) for "WhatsApp beta". We should only trust the app whose developer is "WhatsApp Inc.", any other will be false and malicious.

Mute WhatsApp chats

Sometimes we are in many WhatsApp groups and it is a bit chaotic when everyone starts sending messages, photos, audios, etc. This is when it brings the welcome "Mute" function. This can be done in individual and group chat:

  1. Enter the chat we want to silence and click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  2. We select the option "Silence notifications".
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
  1. Now pop up a dialog box with different options. Here we must choose how long we want to silence the chat.

Add a description to a group

When we create a WhatsApp group, for example, to organize a party or a barbecue, there is always important data that is lost with the entry of messages, so the best option is to write them in the description.

10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020

In the description we have almost no character limit, so we can put basic information like meeting time, address, price per person, etc.

Reply privately from a group

We don't always know all the members of a group, so instead of saving that contact, or going to the group options (where the members appear, to change the photo, put the description, etc.), we can hold down the message that that individual has sent and click on the 3 vertical dotsin the top right corner and this is how the option to reply privately appears

10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020

If we click on that option, a chat opens with that person and it is not necessary to save the contact, or go around the chat to locate their number and open a chat, or anything strange.

Respond to a message with a gesture

In a conversation, whether it's an individual chat or a group, if we swipe a message from left to right, we can easily reply to it.

Reply to messages from the notification tray

10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020

If we are in another application that is not WhatsApp, and we do not have multiscreen activated on our mobile, we just have to slide the notification tray down, click on " Reply", and automatically the keyboard appears and we can write what we want, even use emojis from the Google keyboard.

Pin WhatsApp conversations

In WhatsApp we have the possibility to set a maximum of 3 conversations, so those 3 chats will always appear on top whether they have it or not new messages. It is the closest thing to "Fix messages" that we are going to have in WhatsApp. In this regard, Telegram is one step ahead.

10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020

Upload a Status to WhatsApp

WhatsApp States are like Instagram Stories, but without so much fame. To upload a State, we must follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and click on the "Status" tab.
  2. We will see our photo and a sign of "+".
  3. Click, choose the photo or video, edit it and upload it normally.
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020

At this point we take from the trunk of memories another very useful trick for WhatsApp and it is the possibility of putting filters on the photos we send by WhatsApp.

How to write bold, italics and strikethrough on WhatsApp

In WhatsApp we can write normally, but we can also emphasize some words using the bold mode, or highlight a word using italics or cross out a word or phrases ironically between what is meant and what is It is said that.

  1. Bold: word/phrase
  2. Italics: _word/phrase_
  3. Strikethrough: ~word/phrase~
  4. Bold + cursive: _word/phrase_
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020
10 WhatsApp tricks in 2020

Speaking of changing the letter in WhatsApp, there is another trick, but this requires an app other than WhatsApp. Here we can change the text of any application, be it WhatsApp, the bio of Twitter or Instagram, etc.

Change chat background

By changing the background of the chat conversations we can give our WhatsApp app another look We can put photos of ourselves that we have on the mobile gallery, even wallpapers that we download from other applications, or use the official WhatsApp backgrounds app.

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